Affirmations and Invocations

Claiming My Truth

Dear Spirit... I honor the path that has brought me here, to this sacred moment of ecstatic being. I celebrate all moments of soul growth that have brought me here, to this point of confident self-acceptance. And, I trust my Heart to guide me forward, into all that now prepares itself for Me. I am… Continue reading Claiming My Truth

Mystical Musings

Dear Spirit…

Dear Spirit... Today I Choose To Celebrate The Magic, Beauty and Light That I AM!! Speak To My Heart and Soul ~ Remind Me of The Infinite Potential That I AM!! Fill Me With Your Compassionate LIGHT So That I May Know How Precious I AM!!   Ignite The Fire In My Soul To Create… Continue reading Dear Spirit…

Spirit Teachings

Shadows and Truth

A divinely channeled message: You don't want to stop feeling!! To truly feel is a special gift of this human experience. The shadowed emotions and perceptions that we process each day are not dark or negative on their own. It is only our interpretations of them that allow them to feel a bit challenging. "Shadow" is… Continue reading Shadows and Truth

Spirit Teachings

You ARE All That You Wish To Be

Today's Affirmation: I AM A Fully Empowered Expression Of Divine Love and Light. The Infinite Flow Of Prosperity, Joy and Oneness Flow FREE~ly Through Me!!! ♥ This affirmation flowed through me easily and gently, as I welcomed Spirit into my life and asked for guidance and truth. I knew instantly that they were speaking to "US"… Continue reading You ARE All That You Wish To Be

Spirit Teachings

We Are All Stars Dancing In Our Shadow Selves

In dream state, I recognized that we, the lost or seeking, were gathering for some unseen purpose. As a gift for us, our Native American brothers and sisters began to play music and an informal  circle began to take form. Woven in to our original group, I witnessed Grandmothers and Elders holding space next to… Continue reading We Are All Stars Dancing In Our Shadow Selves

Affirmations and Invocations

The Doorways of Greatness

Just a few moments ago, I awoke from a fabulous night of dream-journey. But as my awareness began to shift back to the physical realm, I began to consider all of the chores and responsibilities that were calling out to me today, and my elevated state of consciousness was shattered. It's amazing how quickly our… Continue reading The Doorways of Greatness

Spirit Teachings


A precious message from spirit: Your vulnerability is what makes you so beautiful. In your deepest sense of loss, we see only the fire and the spark, that will always overcome and remind you in ever greater and grander ways of the BEAUTY that you ARE. The mysteries only begin to unfold around you now.… Continue reading You Are LIGHT