Calling To Our “Soul Family”

This is an incredible moment in time and history…when we as a Brotherhood and Sisterhood are reaching out and making connections like never before!!!   Our souls are actually calling out on the higher dimensions to our “SOUL FAMILY”…and telling them that we are ready to reunite and REMEMBER the Truth of ALL WE ARE!!!  

Think about it!!!   Are there seeming “strangers” walking near and about…who actually have a greater insight and respect for who I am…than those who have known me for years???    Is it possible to step into a “strangers” presence…and feel at HOME???

We all know that this is true!!  We’ve all experienced this inexplicable wonder at one point in our lives or another.    But we forget that this is the force right now that is guiding us to AWAKEN and REMEMBER!!!   Our INNER VOICE is leading us to places, experiences and people that will help our hearts to SOAR and FEEL ALIVE!!!  

PASSION is one of the most exhilarating feelings!!  It IS the “state of being” that breaks down all walls of limitation and fear.   It IS the result of living in your HEART center…and trusting the flow of Infinite LOVE that fills you.   And it IS the “state of being” that we are all returning to!!   Each day now…we are seeking to fill our lives with MORE of what makes us happy.    We don’t know how or why.   But we know that there must be more.   And as we REMEMBER that Passion, Joy, and Love are the gifts that we are ALL worthy of…..then that IS what flows abundantly into our lives!!!   

LIVE IN YOUR HEART CENTER…and feel the joy of just BEING!!!   Celebrate the infinite WONDER that YOU are!!!

Now…the universe knows how difficult it is for us each to believe that we are Wondrous and Miraculous and Divine and Magical!!   That is why our souls are calling out to CONNECT!!!   When we are with our SOUL FAMILY….we begin to see in ourselves…all that they see in us!!     We become INSPIRED and naturally remember what it feels like to truly BE LOVED!!!   Yes…from seeming “strangers”…we find our greatest JOY!!!  

So…I encourage each of you to REACH OUT…STEP OUT…and CALL OUT to the radiant souls around you.   Tell the universe that you are ready to meet new inspirational and motivational souls in your life…and then PARTICIPATE in all that intrigues you!!!!    Make it happen!!  

May you each live a life filled with WONDER…and may you know the Love and support of your true SOUL FAMILY!!!!

In Infinite JOY and Wonder,


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Sandra C. says:

    these words sounds true to my reality today…we need to enlight this world 🙂 i’m happy to bring the message !!!!

    1. Alania says:

      I’m glad to find you SOUL SISTER!!! May we both find the passion and bravery to unite a world IN LOVE!!!

  2. Pamela Falciani says:


    ♥❤♥ Pamela

    1. Alania says:

      As Are YOU!!!! ❤

  3. Yes!!! I’ve been noticing this in my life and how I just want to be around them and no one else… lol you are SO in my Soul Family, Alania!! I Love You, You Beautiful Radiant Beam of Light!!!’ xoxo

    1. Alania says:

      Right Back Atchya Star Beam!!! ♥

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