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Soaring Within To Free Ourselves From Fear

In Meditation – July 7th, 2006 – Lord Vishnu Appears

This was a deeply emotional conversation with Lord Vishnu, towards the beginning of my “awakening”, when depression was still overwhelming.

This was one of the conversations that helped me to rise above irrational fear and illusion.

Understanding our experience brings personal power!! From that point, all has potential to shift and expand.

Lord Vishnu)  You are finding Peace because you are allowing yourself To BELIEVE and To TRUST. You are only discovering the Light within yourself. Through us, you discover who YOU are. And as you remember, you become more complete.

Me)  What can I focus on in the next 24hrs??

Lord Vishnu)  Your Power – Your Strength – Your Light

Me)  How do I balance Life and Spirit??

Lord Vishnu)  Life is your experience. Spirit is who you are!!

Me)  Dear Lord Vishnu, may I ask about my finances??

Lord Vishnu)  It’s silly to get lost in fear right now. It holds you down. Rise above. Let yourself soar.

Me)  Right now, where can you help me to soar to??

Lord Vishnu)  Soar within yourself!! Find the beauty, the strength, and the light that all heaven sees and celebrates. FIND THAT LIGHT!!! Feel it completely, and then within that Light, you will soar to heights unimagined. ALLOW YOURSELF TO SHINE!!

Listen to that poetry. You are meant to share those thoughts. But how do you truly spread it if you haven’t experienced it fully?? Those words can set souls free of the strongest binds. Don’t just hear the words. FEEL IT – completely!! Rise above your emotions to find safety and peace in who you are as a GREAT SPIRIT of Light and Love!!

This is not someone you are meant to become. You ARE this person!! You think that financial security will allow you to be who you truly are, but you already ARE who you wish to be now!! Discover it now. It will be much more rewarding.

Me)  So, the worry about my finances??

Lord Vishnu)  Do what you need to do, but let the worry go. As you brush your teeth because you must, so you will take care of finances because you must. Just let go of the fear and know that ALL is exactly as it should be.

Me)  When it comes to this fear, I can tell you that I am trying my best to let it go, but I have a difficult time. Please help me to find peace.

Lord Vishnu)  This fear is self-created. Change the way you look at it.

Me)  Well, now that I’m talking about it, my hands are sweaty and shaking. It’s physically affecting me when I just felt peace a few moments ago.

Lord Vishnu)  So you see how fear holds you down. Nothing has changed from then to now. All that changed were the thoughts you had. The thoughts YOU created!! Look at the situation differently.

The bills are a learning step for you to get here. They are supposed to be there. They are not dark or negative. They are physical. Only the way you look at them can be negative. So, change the way you see them!! They are there to help you face your fear. Face your fear and they go away!! When you have no more fear, you have no more use for them. Don’t be afraid of them. Face them and they go away!! You have made them into a supernatural enemy in your mind. Your enemy is NOT real!!

Me)  How is it that I’ve had this fear over and over and never found any peace, til now??

Lord Vishnu)  Because you ran from it and prayed that we would protect you from a horrible enemy. Now you’ve asked for guidance and truth. You were open to listen and allowed your heart to sense what is true.

Me)  Is there anything else that I have not heard clearly??

Lord Vishnu)  You heard all you were told.  You have a much clearer channel to us than you think. You are always connected!!

Me)  Is today filled with Light??

Lord Vishnu)  There is never a moment in time that is not filled with Light!!   So for you to ask that, means that you don’t truly comprehend how bright the LIGHT is!!

Me) Yes, you’re right!! I’m so thankful for all my lessons today.


Copyright © Alania Starhawk 2007-2013

4 thoughts on “Soaring Within To Free Ourselves From Fear”

  1. Alania,
    Thank you or sharing. When the student is ready the teacher appears…your story resonated with me and came to me at a time that was most needed. Thank you so much!
    Many Blessings to you.


    1. Susan…you too speak to my heart and help me to SOAR!!! Thank YOU!!!! This teaching was a profound influence on who i am now. I’m so glad that its energy continues to flow forward. Blessings to you also!! ~Alania


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