Mystical Musings

My WarriorSELF

I can feel the shell shatter and burst with force from within…as the FIRE within me arises and glows!!   Years ago…i’d say that my cocoon is shed and i’ve emerged with wings outspread as a beautiful butterfly.    But this morning that does not feel accurate at all.

This morning it is force and power that is bursting through this wall of transformation!!    This morning i can see and feel the purest of Fire and Light piercing through a cracked shell of limitation….and once that wall is fully shattered and burst…i can see and feel my WarriorSELF emerge as a brilliant DRAGON of Power!!!

I know…from a deeply intuitive space…that i have been through some great transformational doorways in these last few weeks.   Every old ego-based trigger has confronted me…one-by-one…reminding me emotionally of the perceived~victimhood i once lived in.   But…i emerged through each soul challenge…one -by-one…RE~membering WHO I AM in re~enforced TRUTH!!!!

I AM The Dragon Of Power and Light….Holding A Torch Of GOD~SOURCE~LOVE In My Hand!!!   I AM The Warrior Of Ancient Truth…Battling The Shadows and Emerging In JOY!!!   I AM The Master Of Creation That SEES Infinite Potential In All I Touch!!   I AM The Child Of Love ~ Of Peace ~ Of Compassion and Kindness That Holds A Perpetual Prayer Of ♥ ONE LIGHT ♥ In My Heart!!!

We are not here on this earth to battle each other and emerge stronger than another.   We are here on this earth to confront our OWN fears, doubts, judgements, and insecurities…and emerge naked and vulnerable to the TRUTH that is!!    We ARE our own greatest force of change and healing!!!   We ARE the compassionate source of Love and acceptance we are seeking!!   We ARE the only foe we run from!!

Stop…where you are….and FEEL that glow build within til you REMEMBER that when you BELIEVE in yourself….NOTHING can stop you!!!

The Dragon is a mystical creature of folklore and legend to many.   But to me…he IS my Warrior Brother reminding me of the Magic that i hold with~IN!!!    Dragon reminds us to make the impossible POSSIBLE…and teaches me to hold my energy with Awareness and Intention!!   When directed with force….ALL ILLUSION WILL SHATTER!!!

I AM LIGHT!!!   And the Fire with~IN me shall grow and grow…til I take flight in pure LOVE and JOY!!!

Thank You Dear DRAGON for reminding me of WHO I AM!!!

May You Each Find Your Own WarriorSELF and Stand Strong In YOUR Truth…Whatever That May Be!!!    You Are Beautiful and Strong…and YOU ARE LIGHT!!!

In TRUTH and Infinite Joy and Power,


6 thoughts on “My WarriorSELF”

  1. Ooohhh….Great words Alania, well done indeed! That fire is roaring strong and igniting all the darkness close at hand around you. You go girl! Love it! Blessings…VK


    1. VK…i’m without words for you!!! Your own powerful energy touched mine…and helped me to SOAR!!! Thank You!!! Blessings to you ALWAYS!!! ~ Alania


    1. Absolutely!! Visionkeeper is a powerful inspiration!! And so…the web expands…weaving us all together in perfect harmony!!! Love You!!


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