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Empathy vs. Sympathy

This is a truly unique time for humanity…and our rapidly changing evolutionary process.    While our heads are still instinctively responding to the limited thought patterns we’ve heard most of our lives….our hearts are whispering to us that something is not quite right!!    

So often we reach out to assist a stranger, a friend, or a loved one… in what we believe is Love and Compassion …only to find ourselves caught in a web (perceived) of dependency and obligation.

I’ll stop right there to affirm and clarify that…”dependency” OF another on you…and “obligation” of your energy TO another….CAN NOT BE WITHOUT YOUR CONSENT!!!  

So…now that we SEE that our loving intention entwined us in this scenario…what DO we do????    The FIRST step is to acknowledge what our thoughts, words, or actions were…to open this doorway of perceived dependence and obligation.    

For me…I can acknowledge, in more than one scenario, that I envisioned the other as weak and/or without assistance.    We were all taught very early on to pity (yes…pity) another in their moment of challenge.   Faux Paux #1   We are all BRAVELY experiencing exactly what is BEST for our own individual journeys!!   Who am I to assume that they don’t have EVERY resource they may require???    They are LOVED as much as I am.   They will ALWAYS be blessed!!

I can also acknowledge that  I knowingly placed their well being…before my own!!   Making decisions with my head…instead of my heart!!   Faux Paux #2   I pray daily for FAIR ENERGY EXCHANGE in my life!!!   IF I sacrifice ANY part of my energy for another…it is NOT fair energy exchange….and I have only myself to blame.    IF however…my heart is fully GIFTING my energy to another…that IS fair energy exchange and we shall all be blessed!!

Our own energy tells us what will be…when we listen!!!    IF it is a heart-centered experience that awaits you…you will feel uplifted …and your body and soul will be racing TO the experience!!!!   IF your actions are based in anything other than Love….you will feel that toooooooo!!!   I’m sure you’ve said a thousand and one times “I don’t want to….but I have to!!”   

Those ludicrous words are exactly WHY we find ourselves in these webs of entanglement!!!!   We don’t even understand how to read and honor our OWN energy!!!   I learned a long time ago…if it is best for ME…then it is best for ALL involved!!   The MOMENT I act outside of my heart….i’ve lowered the vibration for ALL involved!!  And thus…I’ve created my own tangled web!!!

So…recognizing that much within myself….i asked for further clarity from Spirit…and I heard these powerful words:

There IS a difference between Empathy and Sympathy!!

With EMPATHY you can see, feel, or experience from anothers’  perspective for a moment!!!   It’s an empathic viewpoint….but it is not YOUR reality!!!    It is not the perspective YOU choose.    It’s simply a way to identify what they feel…and channel it for a moment…so that they may know that another understands.

With SYMPATHY you agree with…commiserate with…and/or accept that perspective as your own as well!!!

For me…this understanding is PROFOUND!!!

Our old un-acknowledged thought patterns are often “Please accept my sympathies!!”  “I sympathize with you.”  “I’m trying to be sympathetic.”

Within…we’ve been sub-consciously taught to CLAIM what another is experiencing!!   Well you know what I say… “Hell NO To That!!!”   

I will LOVE every single soul I meet into pure surrender!!!   I will offer words, thoughts, prayers and gifts of HOPE ~ LIGHT ~ POWER!!!    But I will NOT join another on their personal journey through limitation and victimhood!!!


THIS moment IS a representation of where we’ve been…but not where we are headed TO!!!   SO…stand free in THIS moment…and CLAIM YOUR BLESSINGS!!!

Dear Spirit… Assist me to accept these teachings as my truth…and to LOVINGLY communicate my truth to others!!   Assist me to see the LIGHT in every beautiful soul…and the limitless POSSIBILITIES that surround them!!!    I am grateful for your presence, guidance and love!!!   Thank YOU…and AHO!!!

 In Truth and Ever-Growing WONDER,



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