Physical Limitations…or NOT!!!

I’ve been reaching forward…diving and soaring into all that would propel me forward on my spiritual path.    And truly…i’ve reached a point where a single breath can genuinely fill me with a luminescent spark of ever-growing ever-flowing LOVE ~ LOVE ~ LOVE!!

My SpiritSELF awakes each morning seeing all of the possibilities this day holds…yet my physical form still “feels” the limitations of all that i once perceived my physical form to represent.

My Spirit is flying…but my body wants to surrender and sleep.    And i no longer accept that as one of my choices!!   Today is my breaking point…where i say “Hell No To The No Go!!”

Now…since you all know by now that i go into Spirit to ask for direction every time i have a question…i will ask here and now…and share their response with you.

“Shhhhhhh…to beat up on your physical body for not being all you wish it could be…is to still remain  bound in that perspective of limitation!!!    Today is not about seeing your physical limitations…It’s about honoring the gift of physical POSSIBILITIES!!

SEE yourself as the beautiful expression of Light that you are!!   No physical separation can be from your TRUTH and all you choose to be!!   IF…your body is still lagging behind what your Spirit wishes to experience…then it is your own perception of physical limitation that keeps your form recycling those patterns.

Replace the subliminal thoughts of limitation with the Truths that will lift you Mind, Body and Soul to the next expression of Spiritual BEing!!!    There is no separation!!   Physical and Spiritual are simply unique expressions of the same TRUTH!!   So…honor your own personal TRUTH more completely and fully…and the Physical will naturally transform to represent all YOU Believe!!

It’s the next step in your search for Spiritual progression and evolution.   By simply HONORING the Truth and Light that already IS… at deeper levels of being…you yourself will provide your own answers!!!

See the Light flowing through you…as a radiant and genuine part of YOU…and IT WILL!!!!”

Well…i didn’t see that response coming.   I thought that perhaps it was time to upgrade my physical form to one that represented my spiritual self in greater ways.   But…they turned the responsibility and power back to ME!!    And it all makes COMPLETE sense!!!   I’ve lived a lifetime as seeing our physical form as frail…breakable…imperfect and in need of great outside support.

WHY did i not see this before???   Who ever began to plant those seeds of limitation???

From this moment forward i am officially that annoying little train that could.   Only instead of “I think i can”… my repetitive mantra will be “I know I CAN (Do, Create, and BE All I Can Dream, Wish and Imagine)” and “I know I AM (Infinite Possibilities and Unlimited Potential)!!”.

Already i feel my energy expanding and filling me!!   Thank You DEAR SPIRIT for your guidance and LOVE!!!   Your faith in me leads me to dream greater dreams than i’d ever imagined could be!!!

May you each find inspiration to embrace your own LIGHT with~IN!!!

You Are LOVED and HONORED As You ARE!!!

In Truth and Joy,


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Visionkeeper says:

    Sounds like a good plan to me Alania…Actually we really need to just let ourselves be, all aspects of us, each doing its own thing that it is meant to be doing. When the time is right it will all come together as a whole. Until such time we must be kind to ourselves. Blessings…VK

    1. Alania says:

      Absolutely VK!! 🙂 The thing is that sometimes i remember…and sometimes i forget…lol. But not to worry…the reminders are all around me!! THANK YOU for being the beautiful Light you are!!!

  2. Pamela Falciani says:

    SPECTACULAR!!!!!! Thanks for the lead… love and truth, Pamela

    1. Alania says:

      Good to feel your Love Pamela!!! Sending a wave of GRATITUDE your way!!!! ♥

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