Dear Spirit…

Dear Spirit…

I stand outside of the physical experiences now flowing through my life.    I stand outside of the perception of what is and is not.   I stand in pure LIGHT loving ALL that I AM…and ALL that IS!!!

I stand here now…feeling the FLOW of Infinite JOY fill me…allowing the GIFT of all that is LOVE fill me…and accepting the POWER of my own Divine LIGHT as it fills ~ fills ~ fills me!!    

I AM Love without bounds or limitations…and GRATITUDE FLOWS THROUGH ME INTO ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL I ENCOUNTER….seen and unseen!!!    This gift of LIFE is Precious to me …and I choose to SEE the wonder in all it can BE!!!    Seen and unseen…I welcome the bounty of God’s greatest BLESSINGS!!    And I CELEBRATE the possibilities that Joyfully surround me!!!

I AM Light

I AM Joy

I AM Peace

I AM Power

I AM Truth Unveiled….and LOVE Manifest!!

I AM the Star of Pure DIVINE LIGHT that has chosen to remember…without limit…ALL THAT I AM!!!   Support me on this journey of discovery and adventure.    Bring clarity and awakening to each step and each breath.   I walk…hand in hand…with ALL THAT IS LOVE!!   Open the gates of spiritual luminescence and shower me in ALL that i am oh so worthy of!!

In Joy and Ever-Growing Wonder,


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  1. Pamela Falciani says:

    Dear Alania, I woke up this morning feeling like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders… like everything had fallen into alignment with the ONE within us all… feeling “the joy within us all” also. Feeling Love within and without and Divine Light flowing around me and filling me, Gaia and all upon her. Then the “icing on the cake” is reading your inspirational blog entry! Wow! The weather may be a hindrous today (snow which will not help those hurt by Hurricane Sandy) but the energies here are wondrous. I also connect so strongly with the image you used. It is beyond beautiful! and cativating! CELEBRATION time indeed! We welcome 12-12-12 and 12-21-12 and all that is to come. It is a wondrous time of Love and Light. Much love in Oneness, Pamela

    1. Alania says:

      Oh so beautifully said!! Begin YOUR Blog!!! 🙂 I wrote that immediately following the radio show last night…because that IS exactly what i felt!! And still…that Gratitude is with me as i awake and make breakfast for Matt. I feel SO MUCH JOY….and….i still don’t know who our president will be…lol. Who says that decision truly affects us personally. All i feel is LOVE!! THANK YOU for sharing Oh Luminous One!!!!

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