Mystical Musings

The “End” Is Still Here

December 21st, 2012 Good Morning SoulFamily!! I wake this powerful morning to see the wonder in each of YOU!!! ♥ It IS today that we each CHOOSE all we'd like to embrace!! It IS today that we each stand strong and UNITE IN THE LIGHT!! You ARE waking this morning to a RADIANT NEW BEGINNING!!! The… Continue reading The “End” Is Still Here

Spirit Teachings

The Only Separation Is That Which We Perceive

It's been a long night of dreams, but i felt empowered and aligned with "order" in each of them. There was always a battle to survive. But there was also the wisdom, power and means to put things in order to easily "survive". Time and time again, dream scenario after dream scenario, I put all… Continue reading The Only Separation Is That Which We Perceive

Channeled Messages

Brother Buddha…and The Wish

In silence and reverence i ask for guidance!!   Dear Buddha...i sense your Love and presence. Please share a message of love with me today. I am your brother.   There is no separation between myself and you.   We are one heart…one love.    When you cry…I cry.   When you celebrate…I radiate your joy.   We are an… Continue reading Brother Buddha…and The Wish

Spirit Teachings

“Letting Go”

Dear Spirit...Please assist me in explaining from a higher to LET GO and not give up control. Ahhhh...letting go is a little bit difficult when for years you have been struggling and striving to keep everything under control.   In the first must understand that "Letting Go" can not be done with your… Continue reading “Letting Go”

Channeled Messages

A Wise “Message of Love”

Dear Spirit...Please Share A Message of Love With Me Today. Both withIN and withOUT you are shifting and reworking your life.    But...we shall still isn't in the ways you perceive.    There is more than can be seen.   You are seeking to control your experiences...even when you don't believe yourself to be.… Continue reading A Wise “Message of Love”