Spirit Teachings

“Letting Go”

Dear Spirit…Please assist me in explaining from a higher perspective…how to LET GO and not give up control.

Ahhhh…letting go is a little bit difficult when for years you have been struggling and striving to keep everything under control.   In the first place…you must understand that “Letting Go” can not be done with your head or your mind.    “Letting Go” needs to take place in your heart.

You see…once you move to your heart…you are not trying to figure out what is right for you.   You are just allowing yourself to FEEL what makes you happy and knowing that that IS what you would like to do.    Once you know what it is that FEELS right…then you TRUST!!

You don’t necessarily “Let Go”…you TRUST that you are so Loved, Guided, and Protected that you are entrusting or delegating a higher vibration of “control” to your greater self…or higher self.

When you are striving to “Let Go” in your life…it is because you are beginning to comprehend that you are GREATER than your physical self.   And that which is YOU…but unseen…is so much greater than the physical you that you are so used to.   You exist in MANY forms, dimensions, and realities outside of this tiny limited view that you have become so comfortable with.   So truly….when you are seeking to “Let Go”…you are only seeking to Manifest and Control from a view point that you are unfamiliar with.

BELIEVE that you are GREATER than you SEE…and you would realize that you can NEVER be without control…no matter what you do!!!    Don’t seek to let go of control…just trust in your GREATER SELF to guide and create for you!!

You are only SHIFTING control to a higher frequency of Love and Creation!!   You are not meandering control free through an unorganized universe.  


Allow yourself to embrace your true DIVINITY…and know that you are part of ALL you see!!!!


© Alania Starhawk 2010

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