Mystical Musings

The New “Gravitron” Reality

I was just speaking to a friend…of the spiraling, unrelenting energy wave that i find myself in.    My eyes are open and i’m in a state of awareness.   But in truth…there’s a much greater force guiding me now!!    And then in search of the most accurate description for this experience…i likened the breath-taking mystical centrifugal force that i feel to that which i felt in the old amusement park GRAVITRON ride of my youth.

Do you remember that??   From the outside it seemed SO innocent and gentle.   And from within…our world was without center or focus.    Each and every time, we walked into the experience full-heartedly screaming “I’m Ready For This!!”….and then from within…we all found great comfort knowing that it soon would end.

That IS our life story.   Recognize it to be true or not.    When we are without excitement and wonder…we crave it and call it in.    And then in the uncertainty of intense motion and the unknown security of what will be….we pray for the END that must surely come.

It’s true!!   I can see it now.    I crave the spiral power of unknown possibilities.   And i simultaneously crave the comfort of a gentle world and its ever reliable embrace.

So…how can i combine the two??   Or shall i continue to flow back and forth between ambition and surrender??   Dear Spirit…i ask for guidance now!!!!    In this great big Gravitron Of Life that we all find ourselves in…we ask for GUIDANCE and TRUTH!!!

One OR the other is no longer a choice!!    I wish to ALIGN peacefully with the new speed and frequency at which we spin!!

With the comfort i find within….the outer twists and turns will no longer impact me.    So LIFT my heart and soul to REMEMBER the BEAUTY of ALL THAT IS!!!   Let that knowing and wonder FLOW without limit or bounds within.    So that ALL I AM IS LOVE…and there is no other way to be!!!!

Today….in this spiraling blur of infinite possibilities…i surrender to MYSELF and the BRILLIANT LIGHT THAT I AM!!!!    May that BE the shift of perception and authority that instantly RE-creates my reality!!!     

I choose the wonder and potential of ALL that can be!!   But…i also CLAIM the ability to align easily and gently with ALL that I AM and will BE!!!!

One OR the other is no longer enough!!   I CHOOSE IT ALL….so that the speed of the Gravitron no longer impacts me!!!

THANK YOU FOR WALKING WITH ME ALWAYS…and Inspiring this new understanding!!

In GRATITUDE and Infinite JOY,


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