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The Only Separation Is That Which We Perceive

It’s been a long night of dreams, but i felt empowered and aligned with “order” in each of them. There was always a battle to survive. But there was also the wisdom, power and means to put things in order to easily “survive”.

Time and time again, dream scenario after dream scenario, I put all “right” in my world and survived once again.

My awareness then shifted as I began to repeat these words to mySelf:

“When Black and White vie as One, Peace will come again.”

These words were divinely-inspired and held no clear meaning til my final dream scenario appeared. My attention went directly to a large tree in the center of an open field. This tree was barren without leaves or fruits, but its trunk was the creation of one pure black tree grown into and united with one purely white tree.

Half and Half.
Yin and Yang.

There were separate, but they weren’t. 

I reached for a pen, upon returning to consciousness. The mystery teaching was becoming clear.

When there is no more polarity ~ no more separation ~ no more good/bad ~ black/white ~ rich/poor ~ young/old……PEACE WILL COME AGAIN.

All is in natural order and balance, but our perception of separation creates the walls and battles we wage within. When we find acceptance for all moments and experience, the war within will cease.  The need to survive will cease.

Peace will come again.

We are pristine. We are pure. We are perfect and loved – just the way we are. Only perception can imply that we are anything less. 

There is no true separation, no wrong or right, and no black and white UNLESS we assign it as so!!

All LIFE is a divine expression. There is no need to compare and measure any unique truth against another. All holds intrinsic value and complements the whole. With this view of all-encompassing acceptance, the concept of “battle” transcends to a space of nonjudgment and peace.

No wrong. No right. Only experience. Only expression.


Can we elevate our conscious perception to this blissful state of being?? It’s the art of living a 5th dimensional reality, and it’s the next step in our natural evolution. So, perhaps it is time for us to plant the seeds of non-polarity.

Hold a confident vision of PEACE upon this earth.

Peace will not come from the changes we see, but from the changes we perceive.

Leave judgment behind.
All is as it should be.

All complements the whole. 

© Alania Starhawk 2012

5 thoughts on “The Only Separation Is That Which We Perceive”

  1. That time is almost here Alania….The clock is ticking. Once human consciousness is raised, we will no longer be able to think in terms of duality. It will be a thing of the past. It may not happen over night but it is on the way…..Keep dancing in that cosmic light beam….VK

    1. Aho!!! The most magical part of this experience VK…is that i not only believed IN this Truth…for a pure moment i felt its absolute reality!!! And now that i’m awake…i can admit that it won’t be such an easy transition. But i will hold this knowing and vision strong…til we create this reality as our ONLY truth!!! 🙂 Thank You BEAUTIFUL Sister!!! Have an extraordinary day!!!!

  2. This is a difficult one to contemplate. This physical reality is propelled by polarity, but as you said, we’re making or have made the Shift to 5D… It is our perceptions that need to shift in order to dwell in that space. By doing so, we shift our energy and, therefore, align it with the “new” dimension. Polarity is not a part of “home”, and we are not actually separate from it. Separateness is the illusion. So, yes, the perceptions on our part are what separate us from “home” and no more polarity.

    You have stretched my perceptions through this sharing, dear sister. Thank you! <3

    1. I’m so glad that you enjoyed it Dawna!! Everytime I read it…i’m re-ignited by the true POWER that this teaching holds!! And as you said…it’s in embracing it as our TRUTH that will shift our experiences!! That takes time…but we are speeding towards that 5d bliss quicker than we can imagine!! So our greatest privilege and duty is to remember that there is NO true polarity…only that which we perceive!!

      I love you beautiful sister!! Thanks for the SMILE today!! <3

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