Affirmations and Invocations

“I AM” Affirmation

On this radiant morning...filled with potential and possibility...i claim my personal POWER and affirm my greatest TRUTH!! Simply said: I Am ALL Things!! ♥ I Create ~ I Heal ~ I Love ~ I Bless ~ I Believe ~ I Shift ~ I Dance ~ To The Magical Sound Of LIFE Itself!! I AM Joy Incarnate!!… Continue reading “I AM” Affirmation

Spirit Teachings

Sacred Sanctum…Of The Heart

So often we find that our emotional state and inner thoughts are merely a reaction to the surroundings we find ourselves in.     Without recognizing the subconscious cycle...we naturally either match the energies that surround us...or resist the energies around us with force and/or disapproval. Whether we surrender to the energies that surround us...or… Continue reading Sacred Sanctum…Of The Heart