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Sacred Sanctum…Of The Heart

So often we find that our emotional state and inner thoughts are merely a reaction to the surroundings we find ourselves in.     Without recognizing the subconscious cycle…we naturally either match the energies that surround us…or resist the energies around us with force and/or disapproval.

Whether we surrender to the energies that surround us…or simply complain about these energies…we are STILL focusing our energies OUTSIDE of our Sacred Heart and Soul!!

When did we forget that WE are the ones who claim and ordain our own experience!?!?!? When did we lose sight of this timeless truth??

In TRUTH…we have the ability to create our own SACRED SANCTUM OF THE HEART!!

When we KNOW what it is that we wish to feel and experience, we HOLD that truth clearly and firmly as our reality!!     When we imagine our world and its possibilities through our heart center…and the love it holds there…then we imagine ONLY inspirational outcomes!!

Our heart-center is that space within our spirit that feels like HOME…that space that exists outside of rational reasonings and holds only Sacred Boundless Truth and Love!!   In that space we know PEACE…we know Divine Order…and we know Unconditional LOVE!!

To some this may seem to be an imaginary state of being.   But that is only because they have not felt the over-whelming LOVE that exists in this space.    If you’d like…I will walk you through a meditative experience that will remind you of what I speak of.

To begin…sit or stand still in a comfortable position…and focus on your breathes for just a moment.     Allow each incoming breath to slowly flow in to the count or 3 or 5 (as is comfortable)…hold it to the count of two…and release it slowly to the count of 3 or 5.

With this rhythmic cycle…your physical form will relax.   With each deep breath in…see the energy entering into your form as the breath of LIFE!!   Allow it to flow IN to your heart center…re-energizing any dormant energies that may be there.     You may even see the life-giving energy flowing through you with the sparkle and light that IS naturally held within each breath.

With the pause in the breath…see this life-giving energy penetrating every cell, atom and molecule that is held in your heart center.   And then as a beautiful release…see your breath exhale in Gratitude for this peaceful experience.

Once you feel your own heart-center pulsing and expanding in love…allow these breaths to bring this pure and sacred energy to every other limb, organ and space in your body til you feel your physical form pulsing in Gratitude and floating in a spiritual space of naturally BEing!!!    In this moment…there are no questions or fears.   Only gratitude for the lightness of spirit that you feel.

You may choose to call in your guides and Angels to speak to you…or to share their love.     You may choose to hold the mantra in your mind “Remind me of how loved I AM!!”    Whatever you do…enjoy!!   Do not search for anything outside of yourself.   For a moment…FEEL THE LOVE that flows through you!!    Remember what it feels like to feel such Peace!!

Then….once you’ve really immersed yourself in this Light and Love…you may begin to feel YOUR TRUTH!!    Begin thinking of what makes YOU happy!!    Begin thinking of all you wish to bring INTO your life!!    Let go of what you perceive to be in the world that you just stepped away from.    For a moment…SEE yourself through the eyes of LOVE!!!

This IS your Sacred Sanctum of the Heart!!!    In this space only LOVE is held…and CAN be held.    YOU are the one in control of all you feel and experience.    YOU are the focus of every breath and every life-giving thought.    YOU are the Divine Master of your own reality!!

And once you’ve experienced all you wish to experience in this moment…see your energies now reaching deep down into mother earth….re-connecting you with the reality of this earth experience.    But see yourself re-entering your earthly life with this renewed spark of LIFE still flowing through you.    See yourself connected and open to this ETERNAL LIFE-GIVING ENERGY with every sacred breath!!!     As you awaken from this alternate sense of bliss-fully being…you still REMEMBER!!!

In this exercise…we each walked through and felt the power of our own Sacred Sanctum of the Heart!!!    In that sacred space…we knew our own truth.    We were the focus of our own divine energy…and we questioned nothing.

It IS possible to bring that reality into this reality!!    It takes faith in our selves…in our light…and in our natural divine power.    But we can absolutely hold that TRUTH in our hearts…day in and day out!!!

Once we recognize what our truth IS….we can step away from thoughts and experiences that do not represent who we wish to be!!    It’s true!!    It all begins from knowing WHO WE ARE…that we can begin commanding that truth to fill our physical life.   And THEN…we will walk most securely and brilliantly in our own Sacred Sanctums!!    Allowing nothing but that which we CHOOSE to affect us!!

When we hold our own truth securely around us….we can step into stressful situations at work…and be untouched.    We can separate the choices of others…from the choices that we choose for ourselves.    We begin to recognize that in ALL moments…WE HAVE A CHOICE!!

Life is a journey of discovery, understanding, and awakening.    It takes strength to live the life we choose.      And in truth…it begins with this next breath!!   What do you choose for yourself today???

I pray that you see the love you are worthy of…and call it into your world and reality!!    And for me…I pray that my own guides and Angels support me in this newly empowering endeavor.    “Dear Spirit…Help Me To Live MY TRUTH!!!!!”

In Joy and Absolute Wonder,


Sidenote:  I spent a very long night in dream state…shifting realities in the blink of an eye…by stepping into our “Inner Sanctums” or “Sacred Sanctums”.    Both phrases were used throughout the spirit teachings to claim our own reality and truth in all moments.    When i awoke i questioned the use of “sanctum” because it is not usually a word i use.    So i looked up the formal meaning.

Sanctum:  a room or place of total privacy or inviolability

That makes complete sense to me!!   To say Sacred Space is just as true and powerful.   BUT to say that we are creating a SANCTUM for ourselves…is to affirm that it can NOT be affected by another in any way.    It is INVIOLABLE (Can not be violated)!!!!

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