Mystical Musings

A Soul Recognition

Have you ever had the opportunity to greet a stranger in passing...and feel so much more than a casual "hello".     As if...beyond the appearance, the words, and the surface energies exchanged...there were a greater "knowing" taking place?? This happened to me today.    And i must say that i didn't completely notice til… Continue reading A Soul Recognition

Mystical Musings

Master Creators Are We!!

Today...let us embrace the innate POWER that we are!!     Today...let us RE-member that we ARE the masters of our own realities!! In truth ~ we each hold the power to create and re-create our experiences in the blink of an eye!!   So ~ why do we so often lose sight of that… Continue reading Master Creators Are We!!

Spirit Teachings

Accomplishment…or Joy??

Accomplishment...or Joy??  Which comes first?? Do we find JOY as a result of our accomplishments??   Or does our JOY fuel our accomplishments?? I most certainly would have contemplated these two opposing views for quite a while...without hope of clearing seeing what Spirit most beautifully showed me in just a few words. And with those… Continue reading Accomplishment…or Joy??