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Accomplishment…or Joy??

Accomplishment…or Joy??  Which comes first??

Do we find JOY as a result of our accomplishments??   Or does our JOY fuel our accomplishments??

I most certainly would have contemplated these two opposing views for quite a while…without hope of clearing seeing what Spirit most beautifully showed me in just a few words.

And with those words…my perspective on LIFE has changed.

Would you too like to see what i now see??

It all began with a message that Spirit gave to me two nights ago.    It was beautiful…and i honored it…but i didn’t HEAR what they were trying to say.    So they reminded me of their words again yesterday…and then spelled it out for me in a simple way.

Their original message:

We love to see you shine!!  Each day your brilliance grows.    Not because of accomplishment ~ but because of FAITH in your own ever-glowing Light!!

We told you years ago that you are special and divine.   And then you made the brave journey to discover what that meant.    Now you SEE that it simply means that you ARE a gateway to HEAVEN ON EARTH ~ holding only Love in your heart!!

Ego~free…i accepted these words.   But i couldn’t see the depth of their meaning.    In truth…these words tell the tale of EVERY Lightworker!!

We each…in our own way…discovered that we are special and we make a difference.    Then we set out to discover what that means…and how WE can make a difference in our own unique communities.     BUT…through trial and error…we discover that it is the LOVE we hold…that really IS the blessing!!    Our LOVE is the gift, the key, the transformational remedy for all that we may face and embrace.    Our LOVE creates the gateway to HEAVEN ON EARTH!!

So…back to the original question…”Accomplishment or Joy??”

You see…as Lightworkers…many of us chose to BE OF SERVICE.    Does that sound familiar to you??    Only…we assumed that OF SERVICE meant to “GIVE” of ourselves…without limitation.    IF… it was “in service” to a good cause…it was ok to feel drained or challenged or less than “free”.

BUT…Spirit powerfully spoke these words to me yesterday:

You Are Free!!

You need to remember how SOVEREIGN you are!!

In this life…you do not live FOR or BECAUSE of another!!

You Are Free…in ALL moments…to be all YOU choose!!

Even “service” does not maryr at its core.    You only assume that level of unnecessary service.

Holding your own natural Light and Truth IS naturally service to the Light and all that is good!!

It’s like the chicken or the egg.   What came first??   It’s according to perspective!!   And AS your perspective shifts…you too will see greater truths!!   (Not better than…just more expansive)

The joy BECAUSE of accomplishment is the way we see the world in a 3rd-dimensional reality.    It implies that JOY comes from our actions and choices.

But…accomplishment because of JOY is the way it naturally IS in a 5th-dimensional reality.    The 5th-dimension IS a world fueled and powered by LOVE…not need or demand!!   So…our creations and our realities are a result of the POWER~full LOVE we feel!!

SO…i can finally SEE that it is not WHAT i do that makes a difference on this earth!!   It’s the measure of LOVE i hold in my heart while doing it…that makes the difference!!!


LOVE can’t be feigned.   SO…perhaps we’ll all start putting our TRUE selves first…so the Love may build in our own heart-space…and then flow without measure from there!!

Oh what a beautiful world we’ll create!!!! 

THANK YOU Dear Spirit for sharing such great LOVE!!    May i always be an instrument for your Light…while honoring the BEAUTY and LIGHT that i NATURALLY am!!! 


In Truth and LOVE,



3 thoughts on “Accomplishment…or Joy??”

  1. Wonderful ah ha moment Alania…So many think in order to qualify for ‘being in service to others’ we must be emptying bed pans at a nursing home or something. NO! Healing ourselves and questing to live the most light filled life we can is service to others and to the whole world! How different the world would be if everyone were living this way 🙂 Blessings…VK


    1. Absolutely!! We are already the Light and Beauty we wish to be!! Our BELIEF in that truth…will create the miracles we wish to see!! I love you VK!! Thanks for sharing your beautiful LIGHT!!! 🙂


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