Master Creators Are We!!

Today…let us embrace the innate POWER that we are!!    

Today…let us RE-member that we ARE the masters of our own realities!!

In truth ~ we each hold the power to create and re-create our experiences in the blink of an eye!!   So ~ why do we so often lose sight of that fact??

Spirit whispered in my ear…one early morning before my eyes had bravely opened:


And so my imagination took flight in those following weeks…as those words became the fathomless force behind my every thought and free-will-choice.      No longer did i see the obstacles blocking my path…or the duties and responsibilities that keep me in chains.

I felt the absolute power of each and every word.

“TODAY” ~ and every day is a brand new beginning…focus on the HERE and NOW!!

“CAN” ~ limitless potential is our absolute reality!!

“BE” ~  this day is not a dream…it is our TRUTH!!

“ANY Thing” ~ we no longer live by defined limitations!!

“YOU” or “I” ~ we must take responsibility for our own power and choices!!

“CHOOSE” ~ we ALWAYS have free-will choice.   We ARE in control of each moment!!

And so…without limiting how you choose to see THIS day.    I leave it to you with these very wise words.


May you always be blessed in ALL that you do!!   May you always know JOY and PEACE with each breath!!

I honor you and the path you now take!!

In Truth and LOVE,




6 Comments Add yours

  1. Rufina says:

    Your photo is SO beautiful Alania, may I share it on FB? xo Rufina

    1. Alania says:

      Of course my beautiful sister!! It was so much fun creating it!! 🙂 Much LOVE to you…radiant one!!

  2. nellaurelia says:

    absolutely love this image, and the authentic joy in your words, thank you!

    1. Alania says:

      Thank you SO much!! I felt alive with infinite possibilities as i wrote this. ♥ Many blessings to you!!! ~Alania

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