Channeled Messages

“Conversations” with Lord Ganesha

Me)  Dear Ganesha, I sense your presence. In truth, I ask for inspiration, for myself and others.  Lord Ganesha) Oh, you beautiful soul. You are so close to walking through the final veil of separation. This expansion of consciousness does not bring physical change to where you are or what you see. It simply allows… Continue reading “Conversations” with Lord Ganesha

Spirit Teachings

“Conversations” with Lord Melchizedek

Me)  Dear Lord Melchizedek, Please speak to me now. Your wisdom and your Light have brought me such comfort. Today I ask for you to bring me power. I no longer choose to sit by and wait. There is too much for me to do. Sadness and depression are no longer an option. Dear Father,… Continue reading “Conversations” with Lord Melchizedek

Mystical Musings

Trusting Others

"Do you know how special you are??"   "Do you know how inspirational you are??"   "Do you know how beautiful you are??"  These are the heart-felt compliments that all came to me this month. And as each sister looked into my eyes to lovingly ask these questions, my instinctual response was "No" (said with… Continue reading Trusting Others

Mystical Musings

Fighting Depression

These two words, when combined, can bring to mind an epic tale of struggle, confusion, oppression, and even despair. For its a place that many of us know too well, but few of us dare to honestly talk about. After all, isn't that the nature of the beast?? When we are in it, we feel… Continue reading Fighting Depression