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Fighting Depression

These two words, when combined, can bring to mind an epic tale of struggle, confusion, oppression, and even despair. For its a place that many of us know too well, but few of us dare to honestly talk about.

After all, isn’t that the nature of the beast?? When we are in it, we feel utterly alone and without options. We feel trapped. In fact, when i have been in it, I honestly can not imagine being out of it.

The feeling of depression can be overwhelming and all-encompassing. The fear can be deep and immobilizing.

And still, on the opposite side of the spectrum, I shall say that when we are out of it, we can’t imagine how we ever found ourselves in it. We were the ones that felt immobile and insignificant. Yet, when we are clear, it’s hard to identify with that sense of deep depression. It no longer seems like a rational or just way to be. It doesn’t seem like us!!

So, how did we get there in the first place?? And how do we make the shift from a place of insecure victimhood to confident self-acceptance??

I’m sure that there are many accurate responses and solutions to these questions. For as mysterious as this challenge of human-nature is, so are the transformations that lift the veils of confusion.

But I will say this as an absolute fact:

“Fighting Depression” is the only way to beat it!!!

Depression is a powerful illusion that feeds on our personal and particular insecurities. Once we give credence to the smallest of fear-filled possibilities, we give power and authority to that illusion.

The oppressive thoughts come from within and then spark a domino-effect of reactions in our physical form, which make the experience feel very real.

When we think of that un-thinkable fear, our adrenaline rushes and our body tenses. We immediately react as if it were real. But…it’s not!!  It’s illusion.

Learning to separate the illusion of fear and despair from the reality of manifest truth will give us the power to FIGHT for our own personal empowerment, serenity and peace.

We must learn to confidently discern. Are we giving credence to an imaginary foe or are we facing a real and true challenge in our life??

Feeling sad or depressed as we process valid emotions is a different journey than i am speaking of. That’s a healthy expression of your truth. Honor that and allow those emotions to flow. Sadness is not the same as depression.

To me, depression is unique because it stops you in your tracks. It isolates you from your surroundings and withdraws your energy from reality and truth. It keeps you subject to “what-ifs” and obstacles that have not yet appeared. It is founded in illusion!!

The moment that you accept the illusion as illusion – you BREAK the hold it has over you.

It’s like a bad dream. In the clutch of your greatest fear – you must find the power within to scream “HELL NO!!! You Are NOT Real!!!”

Then, in that moment of clarity and personal truth, affirm what you do choose to experience.

I Choose Love.
I Choose Truth.
I Choose Peace. 

It’s as easy as that. Finding our fire within, to want more, will naturally break the cycle. But then we have to courageously stand strong in our new found truth.

The illusion will often resurface when we are most vulnerable, and the only way through is to fight for all you CHOOSE in your life.

Fight the illusion and claim your truth!! ♥   

Now, I’ll tell you why this life-lesson is so real for me today.

For years, on and off, I found myself in deep depressions. But I  was wonderful at shielding and hiding it. I still don’t think anyone knew or wanted to know. I would do my duties in the daylight hours, as a mere shell of myself, while fighting some dark foes of imaginary force within.

Spirit was my best friend and support system through all of it, and step-by-step showed me the way through. Miracles supported me along the way when I needed them and my world transformed to one of pure blessings.

Depression is no longer part of my journey.

But, today, I found myself deep in the clutches of it for an hour or two.

I woke up happy as can be, flying for more than one beautiful reason. I felt alive and energized all morning. Then I went forward with my day and met with many other people along the way.

I noticed around 3pm that I was not myself. I was jumpy, irritable, and on-edge. Everything that I was so excited about this morning, suddenly seemed like daunting challenges that I didn’t want to go near. I felt incredibly overwhelmed and physically exhausted.

So I laid down to find a bit of peace and fell asleep. I was challenged a lot in that sleep, to hold on to what was mine, as aspects of my empire were usurped. Then i awoke and took off to complete some mundane tasks on the road.

As I was driving, I felt the shadows of fear all around me. They were real and they were scary. Irrational fears.


In that fear and depression, I was wondering how to go on with life. It was all too difficult to consider.  Until, I recognized the illusion and called in help from the spirit realm. I screamed that this is NOT my truth!! 


Within moments, I felt better. 100% Better!!! No more shadows. No more fears. Just gratitude and joy-filled celebration.

I asked why I had felt that way today, and then I saw it. I was with many people today. And although someone hid their depression very well, my empathic abilities took on their fear and depression as my own.

Now, I could talk about being an empath today. But that’s another conversation. Today, my heart goes out to every beautiful soul that is “Fighting Depression”!! I want to scream out to you and tell you “YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!”

There is always a way out of that bottomless pit.

SCREAM to the universe “I CHOOSE TRUTH!!”  and Truth you will find.

Even I felt the vulnerability, but I refused to surrender without a fight.  And thankfully, that one passionate scream was enough to break the spell this time, because I believed in what I screamed.

My fight is strong within. I’ve been through it all, and I will not go back!!  

Do not surrender.


In Faith and Ever-growing Light,


6 thoughts on “Fighting Depression”

  1. I agree that depression is an illusion – its created by the ego – but has a message for us, which is that the lifeforce has stopped flowing for whatever reason. Once I realised I was creating my own hell I could set myself free by more positive thoughts.

    1. Absolutely Starrystez!! We stop ourselves in our tracks…for fear of discovering something that we don’t wish to see or acknowledge. BUT…with strength…we learn to see our vulnerability as beautiful and perfect for THIS moment!! We are all brave souls learning to LOVE ourselves in greater ways!! Thank You For Sharing!! I Honor YOU!!! 🙂

  2. I dealt with a bout of heavy depression by watching every motivational video and reading every piece of motivational writing I could find. I cleaned my house, made my bed and put all my unpaid bills and stuff I could not handle away in drawers or at least out of my way so I did not obsess on them.
    It was just what I needed to pull myself together, so I believe in all of this.
    In trying to help others, I have found that it is very hard to help someone that is not ready and wants to wallow in their depression.
    I say halleluiah to the person that gives in to change and opens themselves up to letting in the light.
    I found that I was the common denominator of all that was my life and started to take responsibility for my part in the good and bad that happened in my life. (No you are not responsible for others bad behavior, but you do need to ask yourself how much was I involved in allowing something to occur 0%, 10% 50% or more? This is huge catalyst for change for reducing being victimized.)
    Forgiveness and gratitude are key. First forgive yourself and always remember forgiving has nothing to do with saying something that was done that was wrong is OK. It is about allowing a tragedy become a blessing in your life.

    JW Najarian

    1. Thank you for sharing your brave and beautiful story!! I’m glad to see your light shining bright once again!! I do believe that in our moments of struggle…we discover our greatest strength. May each of our brothers and sisters find their greatest strength toooooo…and welcome in the blessings that are surely awaiting them. ♥ Much LOVE to you JW!! ~Alania

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