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“There Are No Shoulds”

Those are the words that came to me from a newly (re)acquainted sister soul last night.   They came in response to my own statement that held the words “I should be”.      As I heard those powerful words gently whispered…and saw the beautifully compassionate smile that ushered them into being…my heart felt LOVED!!

It’s TRUE!!   There are NO should’s!!   I know that teaching…and yet…I forgot (as we so often do).    But I can acknowledge and accept that my less-than empowering utterance was not a momentary faux paux.     I can see that I have been placing these “should’s” on my plate for a few months now….and I was too emotionally attached to even recognize it.

This beautiful angel and her gentle reminder brought me to a newly evolved place of being within myself…and I am forever grateful!!

Dear Spirit…what do I still need to see about this new understanding??

Oh…dear one…this is a beautiful opportunity to free yourself from the judgment you place upon your self!!    When you hold yourself accountable for something that “should be” in place…then you believe “that” place holds greater value than the place you are in now.    And that is not so.

You may wish to see yourself at the top of this evolutionary ladder of growth…but that will never be.      Your journey will always continue further to experience even greater vibrations of BEing.    So…you see…the end is not your destiny.    The JOURNEY is all you seek to embrace!!

Where you find yourself in each moment is of PURPOSE to you and the intricate web of life you find yourself in!!      So…release the need to search for perfection outside of yourSELF.    WithIN YOU lies the key to unlock and embrace your own Precious and Divine Mystery!!

All IS As It “Should” Be!!!

Thank You Dear Spirit!!  ♥   I am honored by your LOVE!!!  

Please accept these affirmations as the Truth I choose to embrace:

Today…I honor the beauty of all I AM…and the perfection of all that IS!!!    

I walk in harmony with mySELF at all levels and vibrations of BEing…welcoming only greater expressions of Divine Light to flow through me!!

I Am Light

I Am Love

I Am Truth

I Am Wonder ~ Manifest and Pure

May my heart continue to spiral in ever-expanding waves of BEing!!!

I Am Perfect As I AM!!


And…to my brothers and sisters…SO ARE YOU!!!    May you each recognize the BEAUTY that is YOU…and celebrate life as you deserve to!!

You Are Forever LOVED!!

In Truth and Joy,


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2 thoughts on ““There Are No Shoulds””

  1. Life = a journey celebrating the light that I project with each cascading moment… Oh, how your wisdom amazes — if only I could remember to live this way. Thankfully, I have you now to gently remind me. Thank you! xo


    1. Beautifully said!! You know that we are here for each other in this miracle filled maze-like journey!! And I am oh so honored to walk with YOU!!!! Thank you for being a beautiful inspiration in my life!! xoxo


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