Expanding Consciousness

Instruments of Divine Light

And so we ARE the instruments of Divine Light and Peace ~ Truth and Love!!    We ARE the beacons on this earth that will shift the tides and lift the veils!!    WithIN our sacred being lies the potential to awaken a nation with a single call and prayer.

It’s true!!   We each hold the ability to harness INFINITE Power and Light within…and then send that WAVE of Healing Light OUTWARD to gift and impact all who would be blessed!!    If we CHOOSE…we can be the CONDUITS to bring Heavenly Light and Love to this earth!!  

Why do we believe that we need to SEE the change we bring…in the eyes of each individual soul we touch??    Can we not raise our own vibration of being to see our greater family??    Can we not stand HERE in this moment…envisioning a nation of our brothers and sisters across the globe all radiating as ONE brilliant energy??

Within the heart of each and every soul…echoes a whisper of who they wish to be.     And IN TRUTH that whisper will always reveal that they wish to BE LOVED ~ BE SAFE ~ BE HONORED ~ and BE ACCEPTED as they are!!

No matter their geographic coordinates ~ their socio-economic place on a scale ~ or their educational accomplishments….EVERY SOUL WISHES TO BE LOVED!!

SO….do YOU hold enough Faith and Power in your own heart to BE THE INSTRUMENT OF DIVINE LIGHT and Love that can bring great healing to this earth???

Simply SEE that beautiful force of Light growing in your own heart.    SEE that radiating force of Light being FED by the universal flow of all that is DIVINE!!     SEE rivers of Mother’s great Love flowing TO YOU!!   SEE rays of God’s great Love flowing TO YOU!!    FEEL THE POWER they continue to build withIN YOU……and then SHARE THAT LOVE WITH THE WORLD!!!!


And so….on levels beyond human comprehension….we WILL shift the tides and lift the veils of separation and limitation!!!   So….we will become the instruments of Divine Light we choose to be!!!

This world…is manifest FROM the Divine!!    Is it not time to blend these two unique ways of SEEing to CREATE A TRUE HEAVEN ON EARTH?!?!     

Let US make the difference!!

And so…in THIS very moment…FEEL MY LOVE FOR YOU WRAPPING AROUND YOU and whispering to your beautiful heart and soul “YOU ARE LOVED!!!!”

Thank you for walking with me…today and everyday!!

In Truth and GRATITUDE,


photo credit: Daniel B. Holeman


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