Spirit Teachings

…and Know Only Love

These are the simple words that can set us on a powerful journey of healing and acceptance!!

Nearly four weeks ago…I was IN the loving embrace of my own greatest knowing and truth!!    I was lifted from my limited point of view and placed into 90 seconds of KNOWing that forever shifted my experience on this earth.

But…I run too far ahead.   Let me begin again.

Nearly four weeks ago…I was invited to attend a Crystal Bowl Healing Concert.       Loving brothers and sisters would be uniting for this experience…and I knew that I was meant to be there!!

And with the strike of the first bowl…my heart began to soar!!    I accepted this opportunity to BE FREE for a few moments.    With a swift and fluid motion…I was guided to and through many visions and messages that all brought me Peace.

And THEN…I asked Spirit to “Remind Me of My Greatest TRUTH!!”

The motion then ceased… and a great big mystical hand came down through a chasm of Light and lifted me up to stand in the presence of Mighty Masters and Forces of LIGHT!!

I could see them alllllllll!!!     Buddha, Isis, Mother Mary, Lord Vishnu, Lord Melchizedek, Sanat Kumara and many many bright and nameless more.    I could see my StarFamily and great Elders of Light all standing as ONE!!     The councils of great TRUTH were all aligned and present for ME!!

And then I could see only LIGHT in my own BEing!!    It shone from withIN as I saw it glow in each of these Masters now before me.

And then a voice spoke and said “No…you still do not SEE.”

I was standing “before” these Masters and feeling Gratitude for this moment.   But that was not the teaching.    They turned my glowing form around so that I became ONE of THEM!!    I was not separate.    I was part of the ONE radiant force that I admire and respect.

And the voice said “All You See In Us…Flows Powerfully Through You!!”

And I could see our Lights all merge as ONE!!

I felt the POWER build withIN….and I recognized the potential that knowing could hold.

Then I spoke back with a bit of attitude that they truly didn’t deserve.    In frustration I sarcastically asked:

“Then Why Can’t We Use This United Power To HEAL My Physical Body??”

(FYI ~ I’m aching and creaking more than I would like to…and I haven’t felt energized.)

And so I heard:

“To KNOW LOVE Is To Look In The Eyes of Your Enemy…and KNOW ONLY LOVE!!”

And one by one those who have caused me pain in my life stood in front of me.     My heart easily embraced some of them…knowing ONLY LOVE.    And then some required some deep breaths to help me TRULY KNOW LOVE.   And one in particular needed to keep coming back through the line…giving me more than one opportunity to know love in their eyes.

Did I truly get there??    I don’t think so.    But my prayer is that I soon do!!

I can now clearly see that ALL the aches and creaks we hold in our physical form….IS a direct result of us feeling “victimized” in some way.      I knew that the word “enemy” was strong when they spoke it.    But…it’s true.    We DO often perceive that others have declared “war” on us.      We have all felt that some aspects of our lives have been “out of control”…and then we attributed that sense of loss to another.

I know that if we go back to our limited point of view…we have facts to support the perceived injustice.    BUT….from the GREATEST of all perspectives…THAT CAN NOT BE TRUE!!! ♥



On a deeper level we know that IF we found ourselves in that predicament….there was a genuine part of us that believed we were worthy of that experience.    YES!!   No matter the experience.

IF we experience “less-than-love”….then it is because a part of us believes that we are worthy of “less-than-love”.       We always have free-will choice!!

In my particular experience…I do NOT believe that I deserved the end result and treatment!!   BUT…I can see that I did co-create that outcome!!    I could see that I was receiving less than I deserved for a while.    But I denied that truth …and began to ACCEPT less than I was worthy of.

I blamed another for the pain and the injustice.    But I CO-CREATED that experience!!   And in order for me to fully heal at all vibrations of being…I must begin to forgive myself and the one who I have blamed.    I must accept responsibility and bring LOVE into the experience!!

NOW…this teaching has come back to me this morning because of my experience last night.    I am amazed at how we continue to heal and manifest our highest good…even when we do not see every shifting energy.

In the middle of the night…I rolled over and felt the back pain that I know too well.    I remember clearly stating a prayer that asked Spirit to alleviate the pain…and to help me heal the CORE ISSUE as soon as may be.

I fell back into a deep sleep…and next recognized a dream/vision where that one soul I still struggle with…was placed in front of me.    I kept saying that I had important things to say.    But…I said nothing.    I could not recall what those important things were.    Even when I awoke…I stayed in a reverent space…asking my soul what I still needed to convey.    There was nothing!!    It’s all said and done.

So…perhaps this is an understanding that will help me to grow.    Perhaps this IS another experience that will help me to KNOW ONLY LOVE!!

I was amazed that I was offered another opportunity to LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY as a response to healing my physical issues.    It reminded me of the greater teaching…and reminded me that I truly CHOOSE to embrace Love and Forgiveness.

This life is a journey that brings us ever-closer to our greatest truth!!   And that truth IS that WE ARE LOVE!!      The injustice and “less-than” is illusion.    

In truth….You ~ I ~ and every perceived enemy IS trying to find acceptance and love.  Perhaps I will shortly KNOW THAT LOVE at every vibration of being!!   And until then…I ask that I am guided and supported on this brave journey of deep healing!!

May you too…be supported and LOVED with each breath!!  

No matter our perceptions…OUR GREATEST TRUTH IS LOVE!!

In Gratitude and Joy,



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