Spirit Teachings

Forever Blessed

I've been immersed in nature over the last few days.    Not the ebb and flow of gulf waters that I usually find myself in.   But the force and strength of mountain rock and mineral infused cascading waters. There's a difference...for me.    Nature is nature...YES!!   But...each aspect of nature brings a different… Continue reading Forever Blessed

Mystical Musings

The Spiral Dance of A SOUL Relationship

To be entwined with a pure soul who SEES our greater truth ~ and then to dance the spiral dance that brings us to and fro ~ can lift our hearts to soar and explore or plunge them deep into a shadowy abyss. For this IS the spiral dance of a SOUL relationship!!    Every… Continue reading The Spiral Dance of A SOUL Relationship

Channeled Messages

Where SACRED Comes Alive

My heart began to beat those extra beats that only beat when the fire of SACRED WONDER touches your soul!!   And every muscle in my being turned to pure mush as I welcomed in the rush of SACRED POWER that was oh so generously gifted to me!! I was instantly AT HOME in the… Continue reading Where SACRED Comes Alive

Expanding Consciousness

Our Crystal Friends

Through the heart of the Crystal Kingdom you can find LOVE ♥ TRUTH ♥ PEACE ♥ WISDOM ♥ HEALING ♥ and INSPIRATION!!!  Through the heart of a crystal…all messages are Clear and Divine!!  Time seems to stand still…the walls of limitation collapse and you FEEL the Infinite Flow of ALL Life flowing through you!! Most… Continue reading Our Crystal Friends

Channeled Messages

Sacred Circles of SELF

Dear Spirit...Please share a message of Love with me now. There are infinite doorways and dimensions within Self...and within Light. (I see a visual of a circle within a circle within a circle...and so on.) AS we become comfortable and at home within one...we naturally open the doorway to the next...and then the next.  … Continue reading Sacred Circles of SELF