Expanding Consciousness

Our Crystal Friends

Through the heart of the Crystal Kingdom you can find LOVE ♥ TRUTH ♥ PEACE ♥ WISDOM ♥ HEALING ♥ and INSPIRATION!!!  Through the heart of a crystal…all messages are Clear and Divine!!  Time seems to stand still…the walls of limitation collapse and you FEEL the Infinite Flow of ALL Life flowing through you!!

Most of us are naturally and intuitively drawn to rocks, crystals and gems in our lifetime…but we don’t necessarily understand why these seemingly inanimate objects have such a draw on us.   They seem to call to us…but our logical mind, of course, tells us that that can not possibly be.

I too began my journey by collecting crystals, rocks, and fossils with the simple belief that they were intriguing…that’s it.  Then, suddenly, I began sleeping with them in my hand and discovering a greater Peace than I had known in years.    I found myself picking a particular rock to accompany me that day in my pocket…just as a comfort.   I was picking them up at the beach, in the woods, and any time they seemed to serendipitously cross my path.   I was naturally responding to their “call” without ever understanding that I was inviting their love into my life.   

Slowly they revealed more and more of their intricate natures to me and they reminded me… that we are All ONE United Energy flowing through the universe as unique individual expressions of Light and Love.

As my connection to these natural treasures grew…so did my questions.    “How can one tiny crystal impact me?”   “Why does one rock make me feel different from another?”    I felt the Love…I felt the shift in my physical body.   But it made no sense in my rational mind.   Until…one magical day quite a few years ago.

I was walking through my favorite patch of woods, quietly surrendering to the awe of  natural beauty…when I felt the energy around me shift.   Everything around me seemed to glow with a gentle pink light.   And as I silently asked Spirit to help me understand what was happening, I lovingly heard “Earth Mother, I Am Earth Mother”

This was the first of many blessed moments with her.  I didn’t question what was happening at all.   I FELT the Truth of what was taking place… and I instantly began listening and honoring all of her messages.

Her voice was  gentle and sweet …and I could sense her smiles as she spoke to me.   She reminded me that ALL I see is part of her energy and her Light.   All I see is there to support me and guide me on my journey.   I was surrounded by infinite Love in all directions.   And one by one each tree, bird, butterfly and breeze seemed to come alive and mean so much more to me than I had ever recognized.   I sensed the Divine Power and magic held in each and every natural object and element.   We are all part of the same grand design…there was never a reason for me to ever feel alone.

I then remembered my own very important question…and I took a small rose quartz stone out of my pocket and asked…”How can this one small stone make me feel better??”    Instantly I felt the smile as if I had simultaneously asked the silliest AND wisest of all questions.    Suddenly, in my mind’s eye…I saw the infinite golden lines of energy radiating from and leading back to this one small stone.   In that moment…I understood!!!!  

Each stone…no matter how small or how large…is a direct connection to the infinite flow of  divine light that creates and supports all life.   

It is a conductor of Universal Energy and naturally channels to us the clear, pristine energy of Love that we all crave.   Each of the golden lines I saw, represent the connections to various unique aspects of our one universal light.   One line was the direct connection to the intrinsic love, power and wisdom of the Rose Quartz family.    One line was the direct connection to the Crystal Kingdom as a united consciousness.   One line was the direct connection to Earth Mother herself….and all she is.   Several separate lines were linked to each of the guides and Angels that were working with me through this stone.   And one line was a direct connection to ALL CREATION…ALL LIFE…ALL TRUTH.   This one stone was a conduit for ALL Universal Energy.    And according to how I open my heart to receive…I could access any of this Love, Truth, and Guidance as I needed.  ♥

In Joy and LOVE,


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