Channeled Messages

Where SACRED Comes Alive

My heart began to beat those extra beats that only beat when the fire of SACRED WONDER touches your soul!!   And every muscle in my being turned to pure mush as I welcomed in the rush of SACRED POWER that was oh so generously gifted to me!!

I was instantly AT HOME in the loving caress of Earth Mother, Grandfather Mountain, Guardians of the Earth, and my own SACRED HEART!!    I was at ONE with the message of Timeless Love, Compassion, and Re-birth.    I was fully and completely in a space of BLISS!! ♥

This is the desciptive picture of how I felt running up to the Little River Canyon in Alabama yesterday morn.    And still these words…can not truly capture the unbelievable FIRE that filled me.   I knew that I would have a nice day…being in nature with a treasured soul sister that I haven’t seen in way tooooooo long.   But I didn’t expect this land to melt away the limiting dimensions of physicality to welcome me into it’s deepest TRUTH!!

I was SAFE!!  I was HOME!!

At the stone’s edge…I dangled my feet IN to the cold crystalline life-giving waters.   I surrendered to the silent magic that was.   And was lovingly greeted by a banded arc of Earth Guardians in Spirit.    Their LIGHT radiated from their hearts.   They were PURE beings in service to this sacred space, to the journey of mankind, and to the single divine epic tale of TRUTH!!

Without words, their LIGHT brought me to tears.    I felt lifetimes of struggle and confusion being instantly HEALED in their strength and eternal knowing.

Their energy seemed to be reminding me…“THERE IS ONLY ONE TRUTH!!”

And then they went on to explain.

Walk with intention dear one!!   Your heart is pure and will always guide you.  

You are in the midst of your own magical tale…and only YOU may decide where this tale will go.   So be not afraid as you take each step.   For every step of your precious heart is protected and blessed.    You walk as an enlightened one on this earth now.   An enlightened one remembering that all power is pure…all power is yours.    

You ARE the sacred flame that wills all to life.   You ARE the sacred flower that blooms in perfect time.    Your heart beats in harmony with your own greatest TRUTH.  

All you seek, my dear one, already exists within YOU!! 

Every resource is yours, every ray of divine light, every sparkle of love, and every gift of sacred knowing.   IT IS ALREADY YOURS!!

You come here NOW…feeling at HOME in our Light because your OWN SACRED SOUL recognizes these vibrations, these intentions, and prayers.    

This land is held SACRED by many before us…and holds a doorway to even deeper waves of Divine Love.    In this space…all impurities are clarified…all disharmony is healed…all confusion is surrendered to Spirit’s Loving Grace.

And NOW it is your privilege to take all that you are gifted…and walk forward continuing to BE this ray of Light, Hope, and Healing to all that you may touch!!    For you ARE the gift of SACRED LIGHT to this beautiful earth.     You ARE the wondrous flame of power you so joy-fully came running to.   

It lives in you.   It walks with you.  

Forever Sacred….YOU ARE!!

And so, my heart continues to soar with the Love that has shifted my world.    I AM part of so much more than I can often see.    May I always BE a ray of Light that allows SACRED to come alive!!    May I always walk in harmony with my own Sacred Heart!!

Thank You Dear Spirit For All That Most Beautifully IS!!



In Truth and Bliss-ful JOY,


4 thoughts on “Where SACRED Comes Alive”

    1. You’re Magical Gabriela!! I also saw that you texted me on way up here. But i have no service here. So i’ll respond when i leave tomorrow. LOVE YOU!!!! 🙂


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