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Forever Blessed


I’ve been immersed in nature over the last few days. Not the ebb and flow of gulf waters that I usually find myself in, but the force and strength of mountain rock and mineral infused cascading waters.

There’s a difference.

Nature is nature, but each aspect of nature brings a different system of support and a different message of Love.

These last few days have been precious to me because I’m reminded of the power I naturally hold within.


Walking these paths and climbing these mountain ridges has reminded me of the cycles Life naturally unveils for me. In some moments, I hide in the shadowed caress of a mist-filled morn. In other moments, I witness the brilliant and timeless glory of the weather-hewn rock that I am. I am ALL things. I can identify with the newborn leaves and the ancient wisdom of the stone forged river bed. I am ALL things.


But there is ONE moment of this adventure that continues to replay itself in my mind and my heart.

At one point, I sat on a perfectly perched rock, to honor a moment of silence. A beautiful brother, an Earth Guardian, soon appeared and stood to support me. He encouraged me to energetically forward upon my path. I envisioned myself walking forward with intention and sacred purpose. And as each toe touched down to the earth that supported my journey, the earth beneath my feet turned to pure light and spread out, causing flowers to bloom and energy to awaken.

The words that my beautiful brother whispered to me, as I stepped with purpose, are the words I still continue to hear now.

“Why would you ever believe that your EVERY step would not be blessed, protected, and guided??”  

He went on to share a few more words of wisdom, but those words are the ones that say it all.

We walk upon a sacred journey each and every day.

How did we ever forget our truest mission on this earth??

We are each here as a force of Light and Truth. And in this power, we walk forward into our homes, our communities, our societies and beyond. 

Do not lose faith.   Do not lose sight of the greater vision we now embrace.

We are forever blessed.

© Alania Starhawk 2013

2 thoughts on “Forever Blessed”

  1. Dearest Alaina, You shine like the Beacon of Light that you are for us all in this photo… how lovely. I embrace you with hugs and Light. Your words illumine the soul with rememberings of our timeless wisdom and potential. You honor Mother Earth with these enlightening photos. Thank you, thankyou, T-H-A-N-K Y-O-U. love and peace in Light, Pamela

    1. Oh you beautiful angel!!! My LOVE wraps around you and squishes you with pure GRATITUDE!! You are SO eloquent…and KIND. Thank YOU Dear One!!! xoxoxo

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