Mystical Musings


For it is true!!   Each sacred space, each sacred moment, and each sacred breath holds infinite POTENTIAL for each of us!! ♥   And just NOW am I remembering this. Over the years...I have stepped into many sacred spaces and seen the interconnectedness of all life, all time, all space.     Through my third… Continue reading Interconnectedness

Channeled Messages

Ebb and Flow ~ Both are vital to our journey!!

Dear Spirit… What would you like to share with me??  I am ready to receive and listen.   I am ready to remember.   Please share with me any message you wish. Ebb and Flow….when you are in the flow it is easy to feel like you are where you should be.   The flow takes you… Continue reading Ebb and Flow ~ Both are vital to our journey!!

Spirit Teachings

The Victim~LESS Path

From the 3rd Dimensional viewpoint of's hard to envision this.   But...if we are all embracing a more loving way to BE...then perhaps this perspective can be the blueprint for a new reality!! I am the first one to acknowledge that at certain times in my life...I have felt like the victim.    I… Continue reading The Victim~LESS Path

Mystical Musings

Honoring The Silence

And sometimes...only silence is needed!! ♥ Many of us have learned to love and honor the silence that surrounds us...allowing that peace and serenity to momentarily touch us. welcome Silence withIN is often a bit more challenging to embrace.   To KNOW that there is no where to be ~ nothing to do ~ and… Continue reading Honoring The Silence

Mystical Musings

Bright~eyed Chewacla

To me ~ he shall be known as Chewacla. He is the beautiful young free~spirit that I met while hiking Chewacla State Park yesterday morning.     It all began with his friendly "hello" coming from behind...and my polite compliment of the seven wheels of light (chakra symbols) tattooed on his right side. In the… Continue reading Bright~eyed Chewacla