Mystical Musings

Bright~eyed Chewacla

To me ~ he shall be known as Chewacla.

He is the beautiful young free~spirit that I met while hiking Chewacla State Park yesterday morning.     It all began with his friendly “hello” coming from behind…and my polite compliment of the seven wheels of light (chakra symbols) tattooed on his right side.

I honor the artist of this image!!
I honor the artist of this image!!

In the deep woods of Alabama I found an idealistic visionary who stands proud and pure.   His eyes held that genuine spark of optimistic curiosity and certain invincibility.   There was no questioning held in his stance.   The whole world was his to discover…and he held no doubts of his absolute success.

After greeting all five of his large energetic dogs, discussing his life’s hopes and dreams, and parting with a powerful heart-felt hug…I realized that we never exchanged names.   SO ~ to me ~ he shall forever be known as Chewacla!!

Our brief meeting inspired me to ponder on the MAGIC of youth!! 

I remember being like Chewacla.   I remember being bright-eyed and invincible.    I believed Magic and Miracles would clear every path for me.    And in truth…I still do.   

Only ~ I can acknowledge that my bright-eyed invincible faith still bears signs of a more arduous journey.

So TODAY Dear Spirit ~ I ask you to clear, heal and transmute any scars and remnants of a less-than miraculous world.   That is NOT my truth!!   It was genuinely part of my courageous path…but it is no longer a path that I identify with.    

May I see only POSSIBILITY and know only BLESSINGS on my path!!   May I spark the FLAME within that dreams my greatest dreams into BEING!!    

For in truth ~ I too am Chewacla!!   I too AM all that I see in him!!   Now…Dear Spirit…help me to REMEMBER that!!    Help me to embrace that TRUTH today and everyday!!   

May that spark of youthful WONDER be found in me!!!

Chewacla's Path
Chewacla’s Path

And…sincere blessings to the one and true Chewacla as he walks his fate~ful path.    He won’t ever know that he has touched me.   But I pray that his spirit knows the LOVE that comes to him in Gratitude for this teaching!! ♥

We Are All Unique Expressions of ONE Radiant Light!!


In Truth and Ever-expanding LOVE,



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