Mystical Musings

Honoring The Silence

And sometimes…only silence is needed!! ♥

Many of us have learned to love and honor the silence that surrounds us…allowing that peace and serenity to momentarily touch us.

But…to welcome Silence withIN is often a bit more challenging to embrace.   To KNOW that there is no where to be ~ nothing to do ~ and no call that can supersede the call of your own precious heart…is an art worth embracing!!

That’s where i am today. 

And it’s not a withdrawal from physical activities that i speak of.    It’s a true silence that comes from my soul…honoring that my spirit is in a sacred space of just BEing today!!

There is no confusion within.   

Just surrender to the sound of the rain ~ the beating of my heart ~ and the voice of my truest essence.    

Today…i simply AM.

And to others…who feel the call to surrender tooooooo…HONOR THAT CALL IN YOU!!!

In the silence you will gain strength, clarity, and wisdom!!    In the silence you will embrace the magic of your own precious SELF!!

BE with your SELF today…and KNOW ONLY LOVE!!!

In Truth and Blossoming JOY,


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