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The Victim~LESS Path

From the 3rd Dimensional viewpoint of separation…it’s hard to envision this.   But…if we are all embracing a more loving way to BE…then perhaps this perspective can be the blueprint for a new reality!!

I am the first one to acknowledge that at certain times in my life…I have felt like the victim.    I may not have always used that subservient viewpoint…but all the same…I embraced a stance of victimhood.

The thing is….IF we perceive ourselves as a victim in any way…then we also believe that we were without control in a situation.   We energetically claim that we were prey to some great or small injustice!!   And once injustice becomes part of the game…we often times have difficulty finding PEACE with the experience.    Deep within…we find ourselves embracing limiting thought patterns like “It just isn’t FAIR!!”.

So we carry that unsettled experience with us as a thorn of handicap OR a badge of honor that marks how we’ve survived.   And according to the size of this injustice…we allow the experience to shape us ~ identify us ~ and have control over our own sense of SELF!!

“Our Own Sense of SELF!!”   Do you hear that??   We each allow the action of another (seen or unseen) to re-identify WHO WE ARE!!

From there it’s a slippery slope because we just surrendered a bit of our PERSONAL POWER to another!!   We sub-consciously told ourselves that a bit of our SELF has been taken…and it ends up weakening the bright and powerful spirit we wish to be.

It’s a sad journey that I speak of…but I believe that we can all identify with it’s truth.

SO…i’m sure that many of you can understand how I felt last night when a memory of a past injustice surprisingly stopped me in my tracks…and took the breath from my body.   My chest tightened in a power-less grip…and the prayer to find peace only had me recycling old thoughts and perspectives.

I finally quieted the thoughts by surrendering to sleep.    I held a prayer in my heart that Truth would reveal itself…and only Love would I know.

Well I’ve been asleep a few hours now…repeating a similar dream scene over and over…til I became conscious in the final scene.    The words boldly accompanying this new found clarity and truth were “The Victim~LESS Path”.

In each of the dream scenes…I watched “energies” unite.   I could see and feel it all clearly. But I wasn’t seeing it from a 3rd Dimensional perspective.     The “energies” were forms of moving lights that had human emotional attributes.    I shall call them SoulLights.   And some of them I could recognize in their light form…and some of them were truly faceless and timeless.

I saw these beautiful SoulLights coming together from varying sides.   I saw the mis-communication that takes place AT HEART LEVEL …and the weight that EACH soul walks away with.

No matter which side or which SoulLight you focused on…ALL were either victims or ALL were victim~less!!

Both sides shone with the same bright light within.  And both sides had difficulty communicating their truth.    Both sides sought to gain clarity and undestanding (at the deepest level)…but came away confused and ashamed of their actions or choices.

At the core level…this was the tale repeated over and again.    It is a timeless tale of wishing to find what we are looking for in another.    And then either surrendering to the silence that keeps us from clearly communicating/interacting OR the irrational behavior/thoughts that masks our true voice!!!

No matter the experience…both SoulLights feel less than their powerful self.

NO side is Victim!!!

We ALL were exactly where we were able to be!!   We ALL had free-will to change our belief system at any time prior to or during the experience.

We experienced as we experienced for a reason!!   No one made us a victim to their will!!   No one took anything from us that we didn’t give!!   We ALL made choices that carry us forward to our next moments in life.

Only WE can make ourselves victims IN OUR OWN MINDS ~ if we choose to be.

And THAT dear ones ~ is the KEY!!   Being a victim IS a state of mind!!

Yes…I can hear the gasps with that statement.    I feel the gasp in my own soul too.   I know that I did NOT choose to be treated as I was.

BUT…dear ones…we are changing the paradigm!!    At the greatest vibration of TRUTH ~ there can be no victim!!   There can be ONLY EXPERIENCE!!

At the greatest vibration of truth ~ we each seek something withIN that can not be granted or taken from outside of our SELVES!!

IF we were part of the scenario…then a part of us believed it had value for our journey!!   We ALL choose our own personal journeys.

There are NO victims…ONLY PARTICIPANTS!! ♥

I’m clear now.   I can feel this absolute TRUTH.   And although my human self still has a bit of difficulty letting go of the age-old oppressor/victim beliefs…I’m claiming THIS as my truth!!

We are all-empowered beings of light ~ experiencing only that which benefits our multi-faceted brilliant SELVES!!

I wish you all BLESSINGS on your journey down the victim~LESS path!!   It’s the bravest path you’ll ever take!!

In Truth and Fathomless LOVE,


Copyright © Alania Starhawk 2007-2015

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4 thoughts on “The Victim~LESS Path”

  1. So true – peace can only be found within. It is up to us to choose. It is our responsibility (ability to respond) to participate fully with life and all those we interact with. I love your photo. Love and light.


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