Channeled Messages

Ebb and Flow ~ Both are vital to our journey!!

Dear Spirit…

What would you like to share with me??  I am ready to receive and listen.   I am ready to remember.   Please share with me any message you wish.

Ebb and Flow….when you are in the flow it is easy to feel like you are where you should be.   The flow takes you and makes you feel supported.

But it’s the ebb that requires greater self-awareness to KNOW that you are exactly where you should be.  With the ebb you don’t really sense that you are making progress….but the Ebb is VITAL to the flow!!!

Without one…there can not be the other.   Just trust the natural order to place you exactly where you need to be.    There is a great big beautiful web of support surrounding you in ALL possible ways.

Trust in that web and that cosmic consciousness to keep you truly safe.   It will all lead you exactly where you choose to be.

Be brave my dear…it’s all about to appear and reveal itself in greater ways than you’ve ever imagined.   You ARE ready…do not hesitate.

This is real!!!

 © Alania Starhawk 2007-2013

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