Mystical Musings


For it is true!!   Each sacred space, each sacred moment, and each sacred breath holds infinite POTENTIAL for each of us!! ♥   And just NOW am I remembering this.

Over the years…I have stepped into many sacred spaces and seen the interconnectedness of all life, all time, all space.     Through my third eye…I can see spirals of dimensions all co-existing in that single moment.     I can see the golden lines of universal consciousness carrying lightcode activations for each soul to embrace (if they so choose).    I can see doorways of shimmering light and earthly strength…all welcoming adventurous souls to explore the secrets and truths they radiantly hold.

And IN these moments of sacred interconnectedness…I can truly see the echelons of support and guidance that surround us.    Whether we are working with loving earth energies, angelic energies, or star energies….we can use THIS sacred space as a portal to ALL we wish to embrace!!

Spirit always showed me that a thousand people can gather in this space…and EACH would experience ONLY that which is comfortable for them to experience!!     Some would access the great doors to higher dimensions,  some would accept waves of healing light into their soul, and some would simply feel supported in that moment.

All was always possible…but only WE choose our experience!!

NOW…suddenly…that teaching reaches a much greater scale in my personal world.

In truth…ALL things are sacred, ALL moments are pure, ALL breaths welcome in the presence and power of PURE LIFE!!    

Suddenly in THIS moment…I can see the spirals of alternate dimensions flowing through and around me.    I can see the golden lines of universal consciousness continuously flowing to me…and through me.     I can see the radiant doors of awareness calling to my own sacred soul.    IN THIS MOMENT…I can finally SEE the potential that both surrounds me and fills me!!

No longer do I need a designated “sacred” space or moment.   All IS Sacred…as it is!!   It is only our perspective that shifts that reality.

In all moments…we have a CHOICE!!    Are we most comfortable waking in the morning and seeing only the chores and responsibilities that the day holds for us…OR are we ready and willing to SEE the world from higher vibrations of truth and love???

In one single sacred moment…are we most comfortable sitting beneath the moon…OR are we ready to see the moon as part of ourselves…OR are we ready to merge with the moon and see all she sees???

Can you see that no choice is better than another.    BUT…they bring us different experiences.    We DO have a choice in all moments!!    And although I don’t quite know what that means for my world yet….I can absolutely tell you that I will be playing with the possibilities in much greater ways!!

At times…a natural curiosity in me welcomes in this potential that I speak of.    But NOW I can finally see…this infinite potential isn’t a gift that comes to us when we are worthy!!    It IS our divine inheritance!!   The world literally IS at our beck and call…and ONE trusting breath can invite every imaginable blessing into our seemingly mundane worlds.

Don’t settle for what feels comfortable!!   In THIS moment…infinite potential surrounds you!!   Ask for the MIRACLES that you are so incredibly worthy of!!   Ask for your greatest TRUTH to fill you and awaken you!!

For today truly CAN be all you wish it to be!! ♥

Enjoy your quest and your journey!!  For you ARE all a brilliant and vital part of this sacred interconnectedness!!   And as you are more comfortable with that truth…so the potential will reveal itself to you!!

In Great Truth and LOVE,


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