Spirit Teachings

Altering Our Destiny

Shall I share my dream with you?? We were in a hopeless battle of survival. The oppressor, hidden in shadows, seemingly had complete control over us. They commanded fear in every citizen and rooted out those who would oppose them. There are two power players in this dream. One was a strong 30 to 40… Continue reading Altering Our Destiny

Expanding Consciousness

Love as an Energy Source

My 9-year-old son innocently asked me "Mom, if I see a shooting star, can I wish for super powers??" I encouraged him to begin believing in his super powers right now. He doesn't need a shooting star to make extraordinary things happen. By teaching our children that anything is possible, we open their minds to… Continue reading Love as an Energy Source

Channeled Messages

Keepers of the Eternal Flame

A message of Love and enLightenment - channeled from Divine Source: Brothers and Sisters of the Light, you are. With unique tales to tell and precious gifts to share. Your hearts reach out to unite upon higher planes of consciousness, even now. For each of you hold a noble intent to be a Keeper of… Continue reading Keepers of the Eternal Flame