Spirit Teachings

Altering Our Destiny

Shall I share my dream with you once again??     This time it was a long movie-like scenario.     It felt hours long...but the spirit teaching all came together in the last few moments of the dream. Once again...we (humanity) were in a hopeless battle of survival.    The oppressor (again unseen) seemingly… Continue reading Altering Our Destiny

Expanding Consciousness

LOVE Is The Energy Source That Puts It All In Motion

A few moments before I went to sleep last night, my 9-year-old son came in to aske me "Mom, if I see a shooting star, can I wish for super powers??". I told him "Why wait for a shooting star?? Begin BELIEVE-ing that you have them, for them to be real!!" The answer flowed effortlessly… Continue reading LOVE Is The Energy Source That Puts It All In Motion

Channeled Messages

Keepers of the Eternal Flame

After waking from a deep sleep in the early morning hours...I felt the presence and comfort of my loving spirit guides...all wishing to share.    So...I arose with a prayer to receive any message of love they wish to convey.    Below is the complete channeled message I received.   Please read it carefully.  … Continue reading Keepers of the Eternal Flame

Mystical Musings

Infinite Potential ~ We ARE

Can you hear those words spoken as the wisdom of Master Yoda?? It's not a question...or a possibility.   It is our TRUTH and REALITY!! In this exact moment...we ARE the infinite potential of all we can possibly imagine ourselves to be.    No boundaries or limitations exist...except those we internally place upon ourselves.  … Continue reading Infinite Potential ~ We ARE

Mystical Musings

Time ~ and his hold on me!!

Ahhhhh...the magnanimous trickster!! At times he gently reminds us that it is time to take the cookies out of the oven...or it's time to collect our children from school.    And at other times he looms over us with an irritatingly ominous power...screaming  "Tic Toc" with every passing moment. In truth...I know that "time" holds… Continue reading Time ~ and his hold on me!!