Mystical Musings

Time ~ and his hold on me!!

Ahhhhh…the magnanimous trickster!!

At times he gently reminds us that it is time to take the cookies out of the oven…or it’s time to collect our children from school.    And at other times he looms over us with an irritatingly ominous power…screaming  “Tic Toc” with every passing moment.

In truth…I know that “time” holds no power over me.     I know that it is my own sense of peace or insecurity that makes “time” into a friend or a foe.

But I also know that awareness of this truth…doesn’t always shift my reaction to this quantifiable method of measurement.

It still makes my heart race and my adrenaline rush as I see the impending deadline move closer and closer.     And…dear friends… that is NOT how I choose to live or spend my precious (man-imposed-concept of) TIME.

I’ve danced this dance with time before.    I’ve battled his taunts and embraced his gifts…learning how to SEE into his greatest truth.    And with all of this well-earned perspective…I can also SEE that my current emotions and fears are completely irrational.

I must break this hold it has on me…TODAY!!!   I refuse to spend one more moment with “Tic Toc” in my ear.    Time is not my oppressor!!   Time is not even real!!!

Time is arbitrary and man-made.    It holds no hold on me!!

So…Dear Spirit…hear my call.

I fly FREE to the beat of my own Precious Heart

Knowing that all I choose to Do, Create, and Experience will BE in Perfect Divine Order

I Joyfully Accept the Ever-flowing Ever-expanding Possibilities that ARE

and Celebrate the Infinite Power that I AM

Time Holds No Hold On Me ♥

In Truth and Ever-expanding LOVE,



5 thoughts on “Time ~ and his hold on me!!”

    1. I’m sure it does. I’m always amazed at how much time you have to share yourself with so many!! ♥ I must say that once I wrote the post last week…time would still slip away…BUT I didn’t feel like something was LOST!! I actually felt like I had more than enough time…no matter what happened. So I encourage you to use that mantra…or create your own. It is POWERFUL!!! {(hugs)}


    1. Haha…just sharing bits of my own journey. And you KNOW that we are all so closely aligned!! 🙂 Lol But the affirmation worked for me. Time doesn’t affect me anymore. YAY!!


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