Mystical Musings

Infinite Potential ~ We ARE

Can you hear those words spoken as the wisdom of Master Yoda??

It’s not a question…or a possibility.   It is our TRUTH and REALITY!!

In this exact moment…we ARE the infinite potential of all we can possibly imagine ourselves to be.    No boundaries or limitations exist…except those we internally place upon ourselves.     And yet…i’m pretty darn sure that many of us feel “stuck”.

This week…I’ve received a few heart-felt requests to “clear whatever is blocking me from prosperity” and to heal “what is wrong with me”.   The requests all came from those who felt trapped and without options in this moment.    I felt the weight of their struggle and frustration…and could easily identify with this pain they felt.

So…for each (and more than just two)…I said a prayer and asked for guidance.   And…for each…my initial vision was the same.    I saw a wave of pure LOVE wrap around them!!   This wave glistened with sparkling light and fluid motion…simultaneously filling their body with the brilliant LIGHT that brings peace…and clears away all fear.

As a loving mother embraces their young after a fall to remind them that they are safe ~ so this wave of LOVE held the energy of countless Angels and Spirit Guardians…ALL reminding each beautifully brave soul that they ARE safe!!

It’s true!!   It is very difficult to see the solution or the path to freedom…when we are overwhelmed by the weight of an experience.     That cloud of confusion can dim every flicker of hope that is near.     It can trap us in a mire of illusion that makes us feel help-less.

But…my beautiful friends…that is NOT true!!!    


No boundaries or limitations exist

…except those we accept as truth in our own mind.

When I held that vision of pure LOVE for each soul that stood in front of me…I also watched their immediate fear or emotional block MELT AWAY!!

So…I’ll use this special moment to say “Don’t look back to fix, wait for, or carry old energy forward!!”      Instead “FILL YOUR HEART WITH LOVE…and bravely STEP forward!!”

SEE All You Wish To Embrace, Experience, and Create!!

SEE your world spiraling in LOVE all around you ~ welcoming you to participate in life AS YOU CHOOSE!!

For AS we find the strength within to BELIEVE in a world filled with wonder and support ~ SO the world becomes that safe haven of inspiration and celebration!!

We NO LONGER live by the defined limitations of our parents and fore-fathers.   WE…as a community of LOVING HEART LIGHTS are creating a new paradigm that will anchor a new way to see, feel, and be.

How privileged are we to be part of this opportunity??

Yes.   Privileged…and BRAVE!!    It’s not easy to break through generations of perceived limitation to embrace a new reality of illumined possibility!!     BUT…we are!!    And TOGETHER….you and I will safely make our way through every trial and challenge.

For I never walk alone…and either do you!!    Feel the strength of a million HEART LIGHTS all calling to you now!!   Feel the power of their LOVE FOR YOU as you are!!   Feel the PEACE of that great truth melting all that is not love!!

For YOU are precious to this great big tapestry of LIFE…and forever will you be honored as the beautiful soul that you ARE!!

SEE THE POTENTIAL of your heart!!

SEE THE POTENTIAL of your soul!!

SEE THE POTENTIAL in this moment!!

And all will be well!! ♥

© Alania Starhawk 2013

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