Mystical Musings

The Pursuit of Knowledge

I had just completed an unexpected and fruit-filled journey with Spirit a few moments ago.    My mind was quieting itself as I laid down to finally sleep.   It was nearly 2am afterall...and my body was fully ready to surrender.      "But not yet" the universe replied. In that moment of surrender and… Continue reading The Pursuit of Knowledge

Channeled Messages

The Sweet Sound of Compassionate Laughter

The compassionate laughter I hear in a moment of human frailty....usually comes from my own loving guides and guardians.     It comes as a force of LOVE reminding me that there is a bigger picture to consider...and my moment of human frailty is just illusion.    Truly...this laughter sounds like sweet music because it… Continue reading The Sweet Sound of Compassionate Laughter

Spirit Teachings


Ahhhh!!!    Imagine the flight of a butterfly for just a moment or two.   Can you sense the fluid motion of gliding without concern or obstacle??   Can you feel yourself so surrendered to the journey...that you become a beautiful part of all you touch?? That's the "sense" that I still carry with me… Continue reading Mariposa


I Claim Responsibility!!

Ahhhh...tis another morning of beautiful contemplation in my mind.   And I love it!!  I find myself sitting in a quiet moment...feeling JOY and PRIDE at my ability to take responsibility for every block or obstacle in my world.      In this moment...I am in awe of how far I've come!! ♥ But let me… Continue reading I Claim Responsibility!!