I Claim Responsibility!!

Ahhhh…tis another morning of beautiful contemplation in my mind.   And I love it!!  I find myself sitting in a quiet moment…feeling JOY and PRIDE at my ability to take responsibility for every block or obstacle in my world.      In this moment…I am in awe of how far I’ve come!! ♥

But let me begin again for each of you.    It was a few weeks ago that I was hit with an elevated truth that FINALLY struck me with clarity and power.   Lol

While looking at my life…and all that was not currently falling into place as it “should”…I suddenly realized (in a lightning strike sort of way) that “I” was the only obstacle to all that was not yet in motion.     I could finally SEE that my own deep hidden fear kept me from welcoming greater blessings in.     I could genuinely SEE that my “receiving more” also symbolized (in my subconscious) needing to take on greater responsibility.

With the same intention to welcome countless beautiful people in…I also held the knowing that they could potentially hurt me.    It was suddenly clear.   I could SEE mySELF in all of it’s radiant duality.

And I could see that to protect these subconscious fears and thoughts…I would naturally blame my outer world for the obstacles and blocks.   BUT…no longer would that illusion be acceptable through this new sight. (yay!!)

IF…I now recognize that all blocks begin within….then I must now learn to take responsibility for EVERY block that appears.  

SO…I began the journey a few weeks ago to SEE through my instinctive negative thoughts.    Now I stop when I think “they don’t see” or “there’s not enough”.   Not only am I learning to see the obstacles as illusion (as I have previously)…but I’m learning to SEE that the illusion was placed there BY MY OWN SACRED SELF!!

The obstacle and illusion was a VOICE of my own deeper truth.      So…NOW I’m given the opportunity to HEAL at my greater depths of being…and welcome even greater JOY into my life.  

This IS a beautiful expansion of truth in my eyes!!   I began years ago by not recognizing that I had power in my own life.    Then…I expanded to recognize that the obstacles I saw were truly illusion…and could instantly transmute if I so wished.    And NOW…I’ve expanded to recognize that I am the cause of every obstacle and illusion I encounter!!


To others this realization may sound daunting.    But to me…it offers a way for me to finally break through patterns and beliefs that limit my potential.    No “other” is to blame for any experience in my world.

I AM A Sovereign Being of Divine Light!!


And as I continue to expand and discover greater aspects of my own being…I pray:

“Dear Spirit ~ help me to bravely face and gently heal each deeply hidden truth  I hold within!!”

Thank You Dear Spirit for guiding me always…and inspiring me to expand my awareness in great and powerful ways.    I love you!!

And for each member of my beautiful blogfamily…I LOVE YOU tooooooo!!! ♥

I wish you many blessings on your journey into awareness…and pray that my raw and real contemplations may one day touch you in some deep and revealing way!!

In Truth and Ever-expanding GRATITUDE,



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