Spirit Teachings


Imagine the flight of a butterfly. How gentle and unassuming it is, while contributing so much to the world that it touches.

Each butterfly is a gift of transformational wonder!!

It brings so much more than we can see.

My dream began through human sight, seeing people as people and moments of experience as mere moments in time.

As the dream continued on, I recognized that each precious soul upon my journey, held much greater purpose than I could first perceive. There was always a moment of greater discovery, where the reverberation of a past experience would serve as a vital extension to a newly formed moment.

Did I convey that thought clearly??

In each seemingly fresh moment that presented itself, I was able to recognize the purposeful “touch” and “presence” of all past moments gone by.  

All life experience was impacting all future life experience. Each singular moment gracefully contributes to the building of every yet-to-be-created moment. It’s all connected, by some wiser-than-we-can-imagine intelligent design.

Towards the end of this dream vision, my perspective of sight was elevated, to recognize that every singular moment (no matter how miniscule) had now “morphed” into its own singular Blue Morpho Butterfly.

They all gathered together, each becoming an intricate part of the whole. From this heightened perspective, no butterfly stood alone. 

And from the depths of my soul, I heard “Mariposa!!”

I awoke, from this dream state, with a clear vision and sight.

There is no insignificant moment.

There can never be.

All experience is a vital contribution to the whole.

The seen and unseen.

It’s all weaving itself into the extraordinary tapestry that is Life. 

How wondrous!!

To know that Life is a “creation” that is alive and in motion. 

Every thought, action, and experience builds a foundation for what is to come.

It’s all purposeful.

It’s all supportive.

© Alania Starhawk 2013

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