Spirit Teachings


Ahhhh!!!    Imagine the flight of a butterfly for just a moment or two.   Can you sense the fluid motion of gliding without concern or obstacle??   Can you feel yourself so surrendered to the journey…that you become a beautiful part of all you touch??

That’s the “sense” that I still carry with me right now.    I woke from my dream world nearly an hour ago…but my spirit still glides as fluidly as it did in my magical world of infinite possibilities.

The dream began through a very human point of view…seeing people as people and moments of experience as a mere moment in time.  (As we so often do)

BUT…as the dream continued on…I could SEE that each person I met held a greater purpose for BEing part of it all!!    I remember being surprised in each moment of greater discovery!!    As one person that came and went…would again reappear as a vital extension of another experience.

Did I convey that thought clearly??    Once I believed a moment to be complete with a person…I would then later see their energy or their form connected as a vital key to another moment of journey.

And once I accepted that way of seeing…I could see that new reality repeating itself over and over…with EVERY experience I touched.     Each moment and experience flows with us…BUILDING A GREATER MOMENT for us to embrace!!

Now…I shall skip to the end of this dream.    The details that i’d noticed along the way were no longer important.    It was now the “knowing” that what was about to appear IS the united effort of ALL i’d just experienced…that held wonder and truth!!

My perspective of sight was now elevated.   I felt almost without form as I watched the reappearance of every moment I’d just embraced…transform lovingly into a single Blue Morpho Butterfly!!

They each gathered together…becoming an INTRICATE part of the whole!!   Til no butterfly stood alone…and each unique experience symbolically morphed into a vital part of the whole!!

And I awoke with that greater vision…that greater knowing.     The larger experience that was about to reveal itself was ALL i’d been building up to!!    I could FEEL that it was the powerful moment of wonder i’ve been calling into my life…in my wake state and physical reality!!

There is NO insignificant moment!!   There can never be!!    They all weave together naturally to create the world we WISH to see!!

So…to complete the journey…please let me explain.     Just when the expanding form of united butterflies was about to reveal it’s greater truth….I chose to look away!!    It was enough for me to know…that something BEAUTIFUL is building itself FOR ME!!    And that all i’ve experienced MAKES A DIFFERENCE!!

I can’t see it all from my limited perspective.    But…I now KNOW that there is no other way for it to be!!   GREATNESS is building itself FOR ME!!

And with the shift of my awareness away from the beautiful sight….I heard whispered to me in a beautiful voice “Mariposa!!”.     I believe that she is a beautiful goddess now working with me to REMEMBER the greater tale of all that can be.

THANK YOU Dear Mariposa!!   Thank You DEAR SPIRIT!!   I am forever blessed by the LOVE you gift to me!!    May I continue to see from greater heights…and trust in the flow of magical wonder and infinite joy!!

This world is so much greater than I can even imagine it to be!!

Blessings to ALL (in my blogging community) who continue to walk forward with me!!   You are all a vital and beautiful part of my greater story!!   THANK YOU!!

In Truth and Ever-expanding Wonder,


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