Channeled Messages

The Sweet Sound of Compassionate Laughter

It was the sweet sound of compassionate laughter, from my own sacred heart, that allowed me to shift awareness. In the midst of my own mental marathon of mounting expectations and self-imposed drudgery, I allowed the laughter of my soul to guide me home, to the greater truth that is.

This is the emPowering message I then received from Divine Source:

One day in our near future (a day with no distinguishing traits), we will begin to SEE the world that we believe to know, as the transformable world of our hopes and dreams. Where brother and sister hold no judgment for the others call. Where Light comes from within and Peace touches all.

This mighty day already approaches, for many of you, in small ways. And we encourage you to reMember, that each human day brings another new dawn and a new opportunity to see in new ways.    

The magic YOU embrace, in your own precious life, will inspire an expansion of beliefs and possibilities (both for yourself and those you meet). Be not afraid of what will be. For you are now the CREATORS of all you seek!!

As you are ready, so the greater path will appear.

Me) Thank You!! What more is there to understand??

Haaaaa. ((The sound of sweet laughter rings once again))

When you are tired of all you currently know and wish to know something new, so your world will expand to honor that desire in you. You each perceive it to be so much more complicated than it need be, but it can be quite plain and clear. 


Call LOVE into your lives.

The process of awakening will take place without fanfair, because it’s a natural evolution of the divinely sacred You. Honor your Self and only LOVE will you know.

© Alania Starhawk 2013

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