Channeled Messages

The Sweet Sound of Compassionate Laughter

The compassionate laughter I hear in a moment of human frailty….usually comes from my own loving guides and guardians.     It comes as a force of LOVE reminding me that there is a bigger picture to consider…and my moment of human frailty is just illusion.    Truly…this laughter sounds like sweet music because it carries the power to break down any self-imposed limitations I had put in place.

But today…the sweet sound of compassionate laughter came from my own precious and divine heart!!    I was not in a conscious moment of human frailty.     I believed that I was just following the guidelines of my scheduled day.     But then…in response to a natural deep surrendered breath…I heard the sweet sound…and my spirit did pause.

What was this laughter teaching me today??

Suddenly…I could see my human self going through the motions of action and responsibility….believing that each motion brought me further on the path laid out in front of me.   But then the path in front of me magically extended itself to continue without end.

The self-imposed force to accomplish this task or that was non-existent.     All I sensed was the BLISSful JOY of surrendering to the greater flow!!

For you see…even I believed that The Flow was an all-powerful and all-knowing force guiding all energy.     But today I could clearly see that this OMNISCIENT FLOW does not lie outside of my own precious soul!!

Or perhaps…without diluting this message with pale words and trivial thoughts…let me simply say that “I AM” has truly taken on a whole new meaning.

“I AM”  {({proudly stated as my heart expands into greater TRUTH})}

And although I’d like to attempt communicating what I speak of now….I’m guided to let these words touch each of you as they may.    For this is only the beginning of the magic we will soon embrace!!

One day in our near future (a day with no distinguishing traits)…we will each truly SEE the world that we believe to know…AS the transformable world of our hopes and dreams!!    Where brother and sister hold NO judgment for the others call.      Where LIGHT comes from within…and PEACE touches all!!     This mighty day will NOW begin to dawn for many of you in small ways.     But KNOW dear ones…that each human day brings a new dawn and a new opportunity to SEE in new ways.    

The magic YOU embrace in your own precious life…WILL INSPIRE an expansion of beliefs and possibilities (both for yourself and those you meet).    Be not afraid of what will be!!    For you are now the CREATORS of all you seek!!

AS YOU ARE READY…so the greater path will appear!!  

Me) Thank You Dear Spirit!!   What more need we know to honor this expanded view??

Haha (the sweet sound of laughter)…WHEN you are tired of all you know and WISH to know something new…SO your world will expand to honor that voice in you!!      You each perceive it to be so much more complicated than it need be.     We tell you each now…plain and clear:  HONOR YOUR HEART’s VOICE!!!    Call LOVE into your lives!!

The process of awakening will take place without fanfair…because it IS a natural evolution of the divinely SACRED YOU!!    Honor yourSELF ~ and only LOVE will you know.

Me) Thank You Dear Spirit!!   You fill my heart with JOY!!

And to each loving brother and sister in my blogging family…please see the transformation of energies in this post.    I began as my own sacred self…SHARING a personal experience in love.   But somewhere in the midst of the very first words and this…the VOICE shifted to that of a HIGHER BEING.      So…read it again if you must.   But HONOR the profound TRUTHS that came through here today.    WE ARE ALL SO MUCH GREATER THAN WE IMAGINE OURSELVES TO BE!!

I love you each to the greatest depths of being!!

In Truth and Bliss~ful JOY,


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