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The Pursuit of Knowledge

I had just completed an unexpected and fruit-filled journey with Spirit a few moments ago.    My mind was quieting itself as I laid down to finally sleep.   It was nearly 2am afterall…and my body was fully ready to surrender.      “But not yet” the universe replied.

In that moment of surrender and quiet…I heard one more powerful message relayed.

“The Pursuit of Knowledge Has Never Been So Widespread”

Without understanding…I could feel it’s power.   So I repeated the words over and over to myself so that I would not forget when I awoke.    And each time I repeated those very words…a new understanding revealed itself.

“The Pursuit of Knowledge Has Never Been So Widespread”

Firstly, I could see scholars, scientists, and philosophers throughout the ages SUFFERING for the pursuit of knowledge!!     We glorify their work and their legacy now.    But truly, in the days of old, it was a difficult task to undertake!!      Rarely did a true scholar have a fully balanced and productive life outside of their proclaimed passion!!    Their purpose was to DISCOVER the workings of the world and of men…and then to PRESERVE that precious knowledge as a treasured gift that would bring awareness to those scholars who would come next.

I do believe that each scholar felt the awesome privilege of this calling.    But…I do also believe that IF knowledge was not your calling…it was considered to be a luxury of frivolity.    So few understood it’s power…and even fewer were brave enough to make it a life-purpose.      Those who immersed themselves in this life-long pursuit…often found themselves alone on their journey…with only fellow scholars to support their fateful quest.

There have been (of course)…moments where knowledge was esteemed and supported as a fine art.    But in the great story of all time…this was not always so.    Overall…those who have walked with great knowledge as their task…have given much more of themselves than we shall ever know!!

That truth became clear in just a few moments of flashing visions.    But…to understand the full message…I needed to see what came next.

“The Pursuit of Knowledge Has Never Been So WIdespread”

Young people across the globe are commonly receiving a higher education!!    And their children are questioning the world in ways that have never been imagined!!    Time IS a greater luxury than has ever been afforded!!    And technology has OPENED THE DOOR to spread words far and wide!!

No longer are we limited by the knowledge handed to us from a mentor.     No longer are we limited by the rank of our own birthright.      Across the globe ALL have the equal ability to DISCOVER the world in greater ways…and SHARE their findings with all who would be blessed!!

The pursuit of knowledge IS truly a luxury we can now each afford!!      For books are flowing without end…bringing light to each inspired author’s tale.     And unique concepts are accepted as valid possibilities…in greater ways each day.

This world is NOT the world that once was!!

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!!!    And WE as a mankind have never had such great and powerful knowledge in our hands before!!

SO…honor this GIFT of Power and Truth!!     Honor the dedication of the masters who have brought us here.      And allow yourselves to IMAGINE the opportunity that we each are part of!!     This GIFT of TRUTH is ours!!!    What shall we use it for???


I shall leave you here…with these words.    For they have inspired me to appreciate this gift of knowledge, science, and technology.     With this great power in our hands…what shall “i” use it for??

In Truth and Ever-growing Wonder,


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