Channeled Messages

My Guides and Guardians

Quite often I show each of you the aftermath of working with one of my guides or guardians.     But here I am…in my quiet office space.     Candles are lit…and sage fills the air.

Only…I wasn’t intentionally calling for their presence or their love this evening.    I was simply honoring all of the tasks I’d like to complete before I head to sleep.

And THEN…I recognized the heat on my right cheek.     Have you sensed that before??   Do you know what I speak of??    It made me stop for a moment and LISTEN to the message being shared.     So with my computer already rested upon my lap…I thought why not invite you along for the ride.    If you’d like to know about my journey with loving guides and guardians…then sit back and LISTEN.   For whatever message is about to be shared with me…I’m sure has relevance and purpose for YOU too!!

The heat is still present and strong on my cheek.   But let me first tell you that I have a cooling fan directly on that cheek!!    Even with the cool air coming direct and with force…my right cheek feels as if it is up to a flame!!     I know that this is only their way of capturing my attention.    So I take a deep breath…and ask:

Dear Spirit ~ who wishes to speak to me now??   Do you have a message of LOVE to be shared??

We sense you running here and there…not stopping long enough to SEE that all you are manifesting right NOW in your life…is BEAUTIFUL to witness and to behold!!   Your Light shines bright…allowing it to touch ALL that would be blessed (without pre-judging it’s worth or purpose). So take a MOMENT to sense your own accomplishments and growth!!   SEE how you’ve evolved…and how you’ve been the one to FREE yourself from the depth of illusion that once clutched you so.

You’ve put things in motion…at a vibration deep within your BEing!!    You’ve claimed your new TRUTH ~ and all you wish to SEE!!     So now the universal energies that support your every breath….will ALIGN with your prayers and all you wish to receive!! What has only begun to appear…is but a glimpse of what IS!!!

You my dear one ~ have been on this journey from time beyond time.    You’ve walked ever faithful through each challenge and shadow….to finally arrive HERE at this moment of culminating BLISS!!     For we can feel your laughter within as we say these great words.    But KNOW dear one…the TRUTH we speak of has yet to reveal itself in this 3-dimensional reality!!    

That does not make it any less REAL…or any less valid!!    It IS your truth!!   It IS your destiny!!     So continue to DREAM BIG…and sooner than you can imagine…you will KNOW all we speak of!!     This life IS your playground!!   What magic do YOU wish to know???

We honor your sacred heart!!   The one which beats without restraint!!    The one which screams passionately into the ethers of BEAUTY and of LOVE!!!    

Keep shining bright one!!   We honor all you are!!

WOW!!   See…now you are part of it!!    That is a beautiful sampling of the magical words that come to me when I listen!!   And my dear friends…if you imagine that these words are solely for me…YOU ARE MISTAKEN!!!      If they see the LIGHT in me….THEY SEE THE SAME IN YOU!!!

These guides and guardians walk with you too!!    Hold a prayer in your heart to welcome them in…and soon you will know their Light and their Love.

In JOY and Gratitude,


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