Mystical Musings

All Paths Are Golden

These are the words that appeared in one of my many dreams last night…and then stayed with me.     So…this morning I contemplate it’s greater meaning.    Of course, we can easily say “All roads lead to the kingdom of heaven”.      But…I sense a greater meaning.    So…I sit in silence….LISTENING.

And this is what I’ve found.    YES…all paths have the potential to lead us to our destination.     All paths provide the lessons of growth and healing we may benefit from.    And certainly…all paths have divine light flowing through them at all times.    We are never truly separate from God’s Love and Spirit’s Light!!

But…ALL PATHS ARE GOLDEN!!!     All paths are just PATHS!!    They each offer an opportunity to EXPERIENCE as we choose!!   They EACH will bring us where we wish to arrive.    So….WHY do we assume that the path we are currently on….is the path we must stay on?!?!?

“All Paths Are Golden!!”

This reminds me that one path is no better than another path.     I am not anchored to or karmically bound by any one path!!!     I am ALWAYS free to choose which golden path best serves me in this moment!!!

We’ve allowed ourselves to believe (at times) that our current path is our “cross to bear”.   Ayyyyyyyyyy….how self-sabotaging is that????     Let me remind each of you now…WE ARE WORTHY OF GREATER LOVE THAN YOU CAN EVER IMAGINE!!!     We are worthy of JOY ~ PROSPERITY ~ and absolute FREEDOM!!!     So….isn’t it time that we recognize…the BLESSED PATH is as golden as the arduous one!?!?!

Deep down…we are all re-patterning our old thought processes.    So WATCH your thoughts and your words!!    Do we feel stuck by our circumstances and that which surrounds us????    Do we feel without options????     Do we feel that we are not worthy of Bliss and true Love???

If so…it’s certainly time to SHIFT THAT PARADIGM!!!

It begins within!!!   Once you recognize that you wish for more… your heart and soul will begin looking for more and welcoming more into your life!!     Your prayers will begin to say “Thank You” with every gift and luxury that appears…and your genuine belief system will shift!!!    Deep down…you will begin welcoming the golden path of your CHOICE…instead of the one you have surrendered to!!!

We are all FREE dear ones…to experience life as we choose!!    Do not allow your surroundings to limit the LIGHT you hold within!!   As your Light within magnifies…so your external  world will TRANSFORM!!

I wish you all a GOLDEN PATH of Love!!

In Truth and Ever-flowing JOY,


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