Mystical Musings

Words Words Words

Oh how beautiful this world would be if we were able to clearly communicate our thoughts and emotions without translating them through the use of mere WORDS!!!

Think about it!!   How much clarity and quality are we losing in the act of translation???     How often are we able to find the EXACT word that encapsulates our finely detailed vision and message???     And THEN…after we’ve chosen our words wisely and conveyed them…how often are they actually RECEIVED as we relayed them??    Words are SUBJECTIVE to our own knowing and experience!!    They are pliable and adaptable to each unique moment and perspective!!

So…as our prime method of communication….I am led to question how reliable our everyday communications may be.    My spirit is aligning fully (in this moment)  with the feisty Eliza Doolittle that once passionately conveyed “Words Words Words ~ I’m So Sick of Words!!”.

Too much is lost in translation!!    If only YOU were able to see into my heart…and know my truth!!   Then perhaps this world would genuinely BE the loving space it has potential to BE!! ♥

But for now…since I have no real answer to this quandry…I will simply state a prayer.

Dear Spirit…allow my words to carry depth of feeling and truth.

May they be expressed articulately with care and awareness.

May they be received in the loving nature they were always meant to be received.

May they compliment my every thought…and bring great BLESSINGS to my journey!!

And Dear Spirit…may we each nurture our innate ability to communicate beyond the use of mere words!!    Thank YOU!!

In Joy and Loving Awareness,


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