Channeled Messages

Points In Common…

My energy feels a bit off this morning.    I can’t put my finger on why it feels so.   So I’d like to just surrender to the support and Love of my guides and guardians for a moment or two. Would you each like to come along with me??

Dear Spirit…my heart is pure and holds only Love and excitement for all that is in motion. I feel deep gratitude for every blessing in my life.   And STILL…i’m feeling a bit less than this morning.     Please bring through all messages of Love and guidance.    Thank YOU!!

Oh…our sweet one.    When will you recognize that your heart truly IS pure??    You hold a beautiful and pristine intention for each relationship and circumstance you find yourself in.    But the world is not always so easy to understand.     There are many right now…who hold the same intention to be true in their world too.    But your methods for arriving at the point in common…differ at levels seen and unseen.

Consider this.     If many beautiful souls arrived on a broadway stage…excited to participate in the next grand show…but had no group leader or choreographer to UNITE their talents…those beautiful souls would all naturally be in each others way when the curtain goes up.     

No matter their experience, their talents, and their passion….IF we each see a unique path to our own destiny…there will most certainly be MIS-communication unless your visions are aligned!!      Now is not a moment to pull back and withdraw.    Now is a time to clearly see that your compassionate voice makes a difference when you speak in truth.     For it will open the door to greater understanding and clarity.

But…my dear one…know this.    A wise speaker also knows when to be still and listen!!    A wise teacher also knows when to step back and learn!!    

Your journey into the greater realm of group participation will bring only BLESSINGS!!     Honor your instincts…and trust your beautiful voice!!   We walk with you today…and always!!

Ahhhhhhhh!!!    It makes so much sense.   And it aligns with my dreams last night.     In several separate arenas right now…I’m stepping out to trust and co-create with new and beautiful people.        I have done my best to communicate clearly and lovingly.    But I can also recognize that we are new in each other’s worlds…so we haven’t yet learned to easily interpret or speak each other’s language.

Can it be that each of us still recalls the fall from the Tower of Babel??    And though our hearts-intentions are pure and clear ~ we are still  learning to overcome our differences and to trust the gift of unification!! ♥

I shall do my best to see the greater truth…and trust the beautiful vision that we now step into!!

Thank you for walking with me…dear friends!!   I honor each of you…and wish you a journey filled with clear communication and LOVE!!

In Joy and Ever-flowing Gratitude,


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