Channeled Messages

Let Go of The Word “Humbled”

Dear Spirit ~ Who wishes to assist me and bring understanding??    I am open to receive...and I am humbled in your light!! Let go of the word "humbled".   You do not ever have to diminish your light in the presence of another!!   Accept the brilliance that you are...and see that same brilliance… Continue reading Let Go of The Word “Humbled”

Channeled Messages

One Step Leads You To The Next

One step leads you to the next.   All of your choices weave together like a beautiful orchestrated dance. are creating it freely as you go. Each breath ~ each step ~ each leap ~ leads you to the next.   You are not meant to see it ALL from above sometimes.  … Continue reading One Step Leads You To The Next

Mystical Musings

Dis-empowering The Veils of Illusion

My spirit has most recently been spiraling in joy and ecstasy...feeling the clear and true force of divine light flowing through me!!    I can fully acknowledge and sense that I have just recently walked through a profound gateway of initiation and awakening...and YET...I can also sense my spirit reacting to several old thought patterns… Continue reading Dis-empowering The Veils of Illusion