Spirit Teachings

“How do I…???”

Funny enough…this great big question came to me several times over the last two days.   Several unrelated people trusted me enough to ask “How do I…??”    You’ll have to fill in the blanks for yourselves (on what completes that sentence) because I don’t wish to share their private stories.    BUT….I can tell you that each request was to conquer a great big goal of theirs.

Each soul was genuinely asking HOW TO manifest a great dream of theirs into being.

So…I honored each persons request and I genuinely answered with information that could assist them on their journey.    I offered heart-felt and experience-rich advice…and EVERY one continuously responded with “but…” to my every response.

The “buts” were overwhelming!!   With every encouragement to help them see the light…they responded with “BUT”.


And with every beautiful soul…I ended our conversation by saying that LIFE IS A JOURNEY!!!    It takes a million and one steps to lead us to our destination!!   But it can’t begin (or continue) unless WE TAKE THE NEXT STEP!!!    Sooner or later…we must take the INITIATIVE…and PARTICIPATE IN LIFE!!

If we are looking for the gold ring as a reward for EACH step…then we’ll be sadly disappointed.    But if we begin stepping forward because our heart wishes to know more, experience more, discover more than this current step offers….then we shall be naturally rewarded with greater knowing and perspective!!!    We can NOT expand our awareness if we refuse to shift our current perspective!!

Any step IS a step forward …and it’s YOUR heart-felt prayer and intention that will guide your way!!  

SO…in my humble opinion…my advice to each of you is KNOW YOUR INTENTION!!   Feel it in your heart…and see that reality becoming manifest through EVERY step you take!!    As you LIVE…the all-knowing, ever-loving energies that support you will synchronize your experiences to align with your intention!!    You are NOT alone!!   Miracles will appear and your path will become a tailor-made experience JUST FOR YOU!!

Your only responsibility is to BELIEVE in the possibilities…not the obstacles!!    The “buts” are a symbol of your doubt and fear.    If you truly wish for something….TRULY WISH FOR SOMETHING!!!    Don’t be the one to negate your own happy ending!!!   SEE your journey beginning today…and so it shall!!   

The happy endings are real!!   But the only magic answer to your personal quandary is to BELIEVE and LIVE!!    That’s it!!

Don’t just dream it.    Do it!!  Be it!!  Live it!!

In Joy and FAITH,


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