Spirit Teachings

“I AM” Lightbody Activation

Today I awaken with FIRE in my heart, soul, and body!!     Today I know that “I” am the one creating my own reality…and I wish to scream my affirmations to the world!!    For I no longer wish to be anchored to the “what if”s  and the uncertainties of life!!

Today I stand as the mighty creator that I AM…and allow my prayer to touch ALL WHO WOULD BE BLESSED!!

I Stand Here Now and Clear Myself From All That Has Been…and Will Be!!   I Stand Here Now…Embracing and Accepting The Power of THIS Moment!!   Recognizing The Beauty That I AM ◦ NOW ◦ ◦ As I AM!!

In This Circle of Rebirth and Transformation…I Shed All Expectation and Judgments of Who I Wish To Be…and HONOR Myself AS I AM!!!

I SEE The Perfection of Every Choice  ◦  Moment  ◦  Experience …Because They Have ALL Brought Me HERE…To This Moment of ACCEPTANCE and AWARENESS For All I Am!!!!

I Accept The GIFT Of Newborn TRANSFORMATION In My Life…Releasing All That No Longer Serves Me…and Embracing All That Is My Greatest TRUTH!!

I Accept The GIFT of Forgiveness In My Life…Honoring Myself and My Choices In All Moments!!   I Am Always The Best I Can Be In ALL Moments!!

I Accept The GIFT Of My Own Precious Divinity!!   Recognizing That “I” Am ONE With All Source and All Life!!   The Ever-Flowing River of Possibility Flows Clearly and Powerfully Through Me!!

I AM Fully Empowered 

 I AM Fully Inspired…and Fully AWARE

 I AM Ready To Walk Forward…

To Embrace Even Greater Blessings On My Journey In Life!!

 I AM Beautiful…As I AM!!

 © Alania Starhawk 2012

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