Spirit Teachings

Inspiring Our Young

In a world filled with structure, expectations, and society-imposed limitations for our children…it’s a blessing and a gift to see our children SHINE with true Joy as they imagine the possibilities that can be!!

I was welcomed into my son’s classroom yesterday morning…to share and inspire as a community leader…during The Great American Teach-in event!!     Every year our classrooms open their doors to welcome in the talents and experienced wisdom of unique community leaders.    It’s an incredible program that you must witness to truly comprehend.

Each child (simply knowing that you’re an excuse for them to miss planned learning) welcomes you in with a smile.     Their expectations don’t seem great…but their curiosity is peeked.    Then (if you stand aware)…you may see the metamorphosis take place on each child’s face as they realize that they are enthralled in your presentation!!     Their sweet little bodies actually lift up out of their seats just a bit…leaning forward to be closer to the HOPE they see in you.   Something shifts…and you are WELCOMED into their hearts and souls.

What a privileged place to be!!

All the planning in the world…can’t prepare you to INSPIRE our young!!    In truth, they are magnetized and drawn to our unspoken energy!!    So the words become a secondary method of communication…but OH SO IMPORTANT to their journey!!     Once the connection is made…they will HEAR all you convey!!

YAY!!!   What message do I wish to leave them with??   What core truth may touch, support, and inspire their hearts??    Ahhhhh…it’s the subliminal message that there is ever-flowing, ever-growing WONDER every where they turn!!    They hold that power within…and only need to DISCOVER it’s potential!!

Whewwwwww!!   That’s a big one!!   Good thing I didn’t make that my goal before the presentation.  (((Smile)))   I would have crushed myself in the weight of such profound responsibility.     But…from this perspective of clear-seeing hindsight…that is the Truth I seeded yesterday!!

I laid out rocks, stones, and crystals of all shapes, sizes, and colors.    I watched their eyes enlarge as they slowly recognized the beauty of each one….and I watched their eyebrows raise as they learned about the wondrous story each one had to tell.    I purposely brought in crystals and rocks with great stories.   From the first druze encrusted chunk of limestone that my son found for me on a beach only 6 miles from that classroom space…to a meteor that actually came from outer space.     Every stone, rock, and crystal had a story to tell.    Each were unique and treasured as they were.

And then…to weave this WONDER back to them and their own beating hearts…we learned about ENERGY in a very-hands on way!!    We watched our natural energy FLOW around the circle and actually power something called an “Energy Stick”.    It’s a translucent tube filled with lights and wires.    When a human circuit completes itself by touching both ends of the stick…and never breaking the connection throughout the circuit…sounds and lights emerge from the stick.    It became a silly and fun experiment to see how energy-filled we are!!     It began simple with hand-in-hand connections completing the circuit (20 people strong)…then hot-potato-like pointing to release and reconnect.    They created beautiful music together.    Then it became even more comical with elbow-to-elbow connections and knee-to-knee connections.    It all came to a culmination when the free-license I gave them to imagine the possibilities led to these words:  “Ms. Alania…do you know that it still works when you lick someone?!?!”   Hahaha  ♥

It was an innocent lick…and the greater message was heard.   “IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES!!”

And through experiments…we continued to recognize the natural energy that flows through crystals and rocks as well.   (((Smile)))

By the end of our time together…their little bodies were jumping with excitement.    Not only did they avoid their regularly planned learning session…they actually LEARNED about the world that surrounds them…and flows through them.    I’d say it was a good day!!

But let me also follow-through and say…that “I” am the one most deeply INSPIRED by the experience!!    My own innocent heart is beginning to IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES for our young (of age and of spirit).

If every day becomes a possibility…what can “I” welcome into my life today???    The potential is limitless…and it’s time that I tooooo let go of the structure, expectations, and society-imposed limitations I once accepted as norm!!     Today I’ll honor myself as the YOUNG ONE seeking inspiration…and SEE WONDER through new eyes!!

Thank YOU to everyone who sees the potential in our young!!    Thank YOU to everyone who inspires each child to have FAITH IN THEMSELVES!! ♥

Together…we are seeding a new world filled with JOY and CREATIVE EXPRESSION!!

In Love and Infinite Wonder,


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