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Electronic Sensitivity?!?!

It seems to be a larger-than-I’d-prefer pattern right now.    Either electronics are finding my personal light-energy field too intense for its comfort…or my own sensitive energy field is disagreeing with the vibrations they send out.    Either way…I need to gently and easily HARMONIZE our energies for the greater good that can be!!

Over the past two or three years…odd computer ~ phone ~ and electronic glitches were the norm for me.    But I would say a prayer…and honor it as part of the lightworker path.    I do honestly recognize that lightworkers and electronic waves vibrate a bit differently…so there’s bound to be some crossed wires (energetically) every now and then.

The thing is…within the past few months…this dilemma has grown beyond any normal level of acceptable experience.   It’s now time for these crossed wires to be HARMONIZED!! ♥

Dear HigherSELF and Dear Universal Energies That Be ~ electronics (however different from me) ARE A BLESSING in my life!!     They help me to blast down all walls of limitation…and reach my voice and light out to GLOBAL arenas of support and love!!    They help me to be a much better me!!

Electronics may naturally vibrate a bit differently than I do…but they are a PRIVILEGE for our generation to work with!!   Please help ME to easily and gently harmonize and align with all electronic waves that would bring blessings and support to me…and my journey into light!!

My phone opens the doors of communication between myself and those who journey with me!!    It strengthens our light-fields by encouraging open and clear communication with those we honor and love!!   It is NOT a distraction to my light journey….it IS a blessing!! 

SO…whether a beautiful spirit-guardian volunteers to help me work peacefully with electronic devices…or these crossed wires naturally become aligned…I ASK FOR ONLY HARMONIC ELECTRONIC EXPERIENCES for myself, my phone, my computer, my many gadgets, and my lightwork!!

And…since I have you listening to me most genuinely…I’d like to ask that any energetic dis-harmonies that have already impacted my personal electronics are HEALED and CLEARED!!   Please…and Thank YOU!! ♥

From this moment on…I work beautifully and powerfully with all electronics that support and inspire me!!     Sensitivity be gone!!   A new symbiotic relationship IS born…and all shall be well in the world of Alania Starhawk and her many electronic devices!!    Thank YOU dear universal energies that be!!   I LOVE YOU ALL…and honor the gifts of great communication you bring!!

In JOY and Gratitude,


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