Spirit Teachings

“Perspective” Defines Our Experience

To my ever-intricate SELF (and to all who also align with this teaching) let me be clear…

“Perspective” defines our EXPERIENCE!!

Just sit there for a moment and HEAR those words!!    Let their greater meanings reach deep into your psyche at all levels of being!!

“Perspective” is only a momentary vantage point.    It relays information through our current field of vision, our unique thought-process, and our deepest belief-system.    Although our “perspective” most genuinely relays Truth for us in that moment…it is never the only truth or the greatest truth!!    It is only the perception that best represents our vantage point.

And too…our “experience” can be just as subjective as our “perspective”.      For our “experience” is much more than a series of factual actions and reactions.    Factually…a soccer ball can fly without being seen, hit us in the head, and knock us to the ground.     Factually, those actions and reactions can be the same for each and every one of us.     But our individual “experience” will be defined by HOW we process the information that is in motion.

Because of intrinsic belief-systems or patterning…each of us could naturally and instantaneously respond with anger, fear, or laughter.    Our response is how we PROCESS the physical experience…and therefore CREATE our individual experience!!

Again…we are always in control of our fate, our truth, and our destiny!!    All that we see in our lives right now...is a reflection of our belief-systems and patterning!!   See something you don’t like???     Be brave enough to claim responsibility for it’s presence in your life…and change it!!    It takes time to re-pattern our deep beliefs…so every thought, prayer, and action towards the LOVE and PEACE you wish to embrace…is a step forward into Awareness and Personal Sovereignty!!

Wow!!   “Personal Sovereignty” is another profound concept!!    It means that we are the only one with the RIGHT to define, design, or proclaim our own experience and destiny!! ♥    It’s all upon us!!

Even if we perceive a big bad wolf standing above us…directing our actions through force and fear.    It is OUR conscious reaction that will define our experience!!    If we feel trapped and without options…then we will succumb to the force of another.   And that will be our choice.   But…if we can remember that we are Infinite Potential in all moments…then we will begin looking for and imagining other possible outcomes!!

“We Are INFINITE POTENTIAL In All Moments!!”

Now that’s an affirmation worth repeating over and over!!    Perhaps it would help us to recognize that feeling without options is only a PERSPECTIVE…not a TRUTH!!!

So…Dear Spirit…Today I’m asking to see and recognize the INFINITE POTENTIAL that is!!    Help me to honor the force of LIGHT and CREATIVE POWER that flows within!!    Help me to welcome the ever-flowing BLESSINGS most joyfully…and transform all perspectives of limitation into ones of PURE LOVE and BEAUTY!!   

For this world is filled with Infinite WONDER…and I CHOOSE to remember that Truth today!!

Thank YOU for your Guidance, your Love, and your Support!!   I Love You!!

And…to my beautiful blogging family…I hope you are able to see that your current perspective is only ONE unique possibility!!    There are also myriads of never-ending possibilities ready to create themselves JUST FOR YOU!!!


In JOY and Ever-flowing Wonder,



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