Spirit Teachings

Hand in Hand ♥ Heart to Heart

Five days ago, while exchanging tickets for goodies in a child’s arcade, my mind took a snapshot of the Barrel of Monkeys sitting there.    They were all linked as one…and hanging from above.   My logical mind went to the thoughts of childhood.    I once was truly entertained by the silly and playful barrel of colorful monkeys.    But my son couldn’t comprehend why it would be worth his 225 tickets.   SO…a momentary snapshot, it remained in my mind.

That was five days ago.    My life has twisted and turned many times since then…and STILL the snapshot remained in my mind.    Until this morning (before opening my eyes)…when I asked about its greater significance to me.

Suddenly…my snapshot of plastic monkeys linked arm in arm TRANSFORMED!!    Each monkey became a heart-light…radiating bright!!    They became representative of myself and every other heart-centered soul that walks this earth!!    I suddenly saw the POWER that comes from linking energetically…and expanding BEYOND our own comfortable energy fields…into a realm of ONE LIGHT!!

How…can a 50 year old child’s toy bring me to this radiant space of knowing!?!?!      How can a single snapshot stay with me until I finally understand?!?!?

This world is so much more intricate and exciting than we can ever imagine!!    And…to discover its beautiful complexity…we MUST begin to reach outside of all we currently know!!

Each monkey on his own…may be sweet and smile worthy.    But the joy comes from linking them together as ONE!!    They reach their greater potential when they are UNITED!!

Can you feel that same truth for you tooooooo???    I DO!!!

I’ve been on a path of self-empowerment ~ self-awareness ~ self-love ~ and self-actualization for so long.    I sometimes forget that entwining with another path is not only a side-note…it is my greatest privilege and destiny!!   My own personal and unique path shall always remain…but it’s certainly time to SEE and KNOW that my single path can not reach its greater potential til i weave, spiral, and entwine with many other radiant paths!!

Hand in Hand and Heart to Heart ~ IT’s TIME TO UNITE!! ♥

Can we find the strength (together) to break down the walls of distrust and inferiority that we’ve all put up at one point or another…and RECOGNIZE that we are ALLLLLLLLLL in this teeny tiny barrel (experience) TOGETHER!!!

We are NOT so different!!   We each have dings, marks, and scratches that make us unique…but we are PURE JOY when we unite!!   We are ONE!!!   We are the SAME!!

I keep saying this because I need to truly HEAR this as well!!     As someone who has worked very hard on mySELF…I find myself being cautious about who I choose to entwine with for more than a moment in time.     Without recognizing it…I place judgments on whether someone can be healthy for me or not.    And although I believe that can be a valuable tool at times…I can now see it’s IN being Loved ~ Accepted ~ and United with others…that “I” and they are truly blessed!!

By resisting interaction with another…we also miss out on the EXPANSION and GROWTH of our own precious soul!!    A diamond stored away for safe-keeping benefits no one!!    It’s time to LET IT SHINE ~ LET IT SHINE ~ LET IT SHINE!!!

SO…HAND IN HAND and HEART TO HEART…across the ethers and all realms of being…FEEL MY LOVE reaching to you!!   Today…I UNITE and celebrate life with YOU!!!    Today…there are no boundaries or limitations!!    Let our hearts BE the vehicle that connects us most genuinely!!   For today…I see no difference between mySELF and ALL YOU ARE!!    We are ONE radiant light…remembering the brilliance that we can be!!

Hand in Hand and Heart to Heart ~ I LOVE YOU!!


In JOY and Ever-expanding BEAUTY,



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